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Hello! This is the banner for a mostly Adventure Time spin-off! I hope you can enjoy it! The first page is up already!
If you like silly furry drama I'd humble request you check out the comic!


4/5 Snooty comic artists agree, if you like this page, Statutory Sketchwork may be for you!

Seriously though, if it interest you at all, I humbly ask you please take a look at the comic in its current entirety. Also, its furry.

Comic Profile:
Main Page:
Statutory Sketchwork-Mondays and Fridays
Um...hello. If something like the above interests you, then please take a moment to read my comic I haven't been drawing for very long, but my art is really improving quickly, and I'm very confident that I think the comic can tell a very interesting story.

Thank you!

Quite good. Keep at it and you'll go real far. :D
I love that Lala treats interacting with something only she can see in a way that one would treat a little brother. It's really funny.