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Jesus Loves You.
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new comic! (Mario's Final Battle)
Also check out my new comic:
haha yeah, Not in this comic though
heres a link to my comic.. Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for reading!
Like just leave it as it is? or remake it?
I have no Idea if any of you guys saw my first attempt at making comics or not, it was called "Yo&Dude: a Mario comic". anyway to say the least.. I failed at that comic baaaaaaad!! so I'm going to delete that comic and MIGHT (in the near future) remake this comic. let me know what you think of it. heres a link to my old comic: ic-1/

I'm gonna leave this comic up for about a week. so please read and leave comments about weither or not you think this is worth remaking.
yeah you've said that once or twice before bro.. I'll change it then.
long week
Sorry it took 9 days to up date.. had a pretty long week.

hope you enjoy the new comic page
new at this..
This is a basic description about my comic and its banner. I'm new at using Gimp so there's gonna be a few errors along the way, so I apolagise in advance.

heres a link to the comic:
well this is my first time working with gimp, so I'm still trying to figure it all out so PLEASE bear with any spelling errors or mess ups.

well... I like it.. and only read the first comic lol