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I am me. I have a odd fascination of Top hats. I like to draw and compute but I don't know how to do both at the same time (Damn Irony).

Fun Fact: Rhydian is a Welsh name, hence Cool Welshy. However, I live in Australian and my accent somehow morphed to english.
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    Rhydian john
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He can make your intelligence disappear!
Sometimes you wanna go to a barn that knows your name...
Are you sure it's Bob Omb? I could have sworn it had an extra B... either that or it's just one word.
That's funny. I thought you liked french girls.
And I thought the human-ear lab rat was weird.
Reminds me of my last trip to my doctors...
...Luckily I got a "Bat-Tony Hawk handbook for beginners" in my Bat belt.
Wow. No Young Kitten in sight and the DAAAAAAW factor is in crisis levels.
That happened to me today with some idiot who had no idea what couscous is.
The sad thing is, there really is a Batman meets Dracula comic out there. The Penguin gets bitten!
Dear god! This counts as a lolcat....
Frickin' lol. I can't wait to see sci-fis from other planets.
Just when you thought "extreme" will never get extremier...