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I like to draw sonic the hedgehog alot and most of drawing i have done with sonic is with a new form, a new power, and also new characters.
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i remeber that. i kill in three seconds flat
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH........wait what. oh.
Why dont you put ninjas in it...yes i did drank Cintreuse
ha. ... the joke is old.
"before i assassinate you sorry ass"!!!
Attack Of The Clone Chickens!!!!!!!!!!!
Where a Driod army when you need one?
..... i swear they are complete morns.

im not britsh!!!!!!!!!!
Kute shard in drawing form.
hummia hummmia tacoss
why it make game more challnging.
Sonic never pays attention
90? 120 is a better
I stupid.... kill him!