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Something tells me Abel is gonna be the vessel for her heart. Considering both are roughly the same age and lacks what the other in personality
You know...I get it. In the first place, the boy is already starting to act like her AND if he continues who knows if he'll be targeted by another fae? A worse one at that..the thing that gets me is that throughout all of this he's actually tried to do right by her but she's been too busy trying to make a name that she hasn't saw it. Not saying that he's completely in the right but yeah it's still a complicated fact.
@Wyld: I imagine good ol rump as a guy that can absorb energy..if that's true, she's about to have a bad time..
Straight Rousey'd
KO! And just with one well place elbow shot too. XD me thinks she dabbles in the fighting world and if not she should lol
Yup looks like sex o-o Ah forbidden kind of it o-o
All hail the Overlord..
you know thinking of the many ways crap hit the fan, one notion scares me the most...gyarados being able to slither about ON LAND after karpy hits his growth spurt...o-o Oh the rock tunnel is filled with random pokes? Flood it with Hydro Pump o-o Oh you cant through the Silph Co? Burn it to the ground with Hyper Beam o-o...Kanto doesnt stand a chance ^^;
Wrong anime
So I know I'm gonna get flak for this but something about Atty in this page makes me want to yell "BELIEVE IT" lol
Somehow I think theyll be best of friends XD
The Hover text is amazing XD
I gotta could've been worse. He could've been stuck surrounded by a group of Clefairies...while George prattled on about how cute they looked o-o. Atty my man, you certainly dodged a bullet. XD
Its a trap!!
you know I got to say...up until now atty has had it relatively easy. No poison effects, no sleep inducing pokemon to contend with..I wonder what he'll do against an ungodly horde of paras o-o
Do the creep
@Evernight: I bet george will find him..stalkers are everywhere o-o
Dragons Go NomNom
Why do I have the feeling the dragons hungry? o-o
My 2 cents
Why do I feel the need to say "Epic Foreshadowing" o-O
@Chase: Who's that Pokemon? Elementary Dear Watson, its Geodude >w>
whoot cant wait
@Ymedron: actua;;y its a magikarp sleeping bag ^^ I kinda want one now XD
Now what was the reason about not bringing knives to a gun fight again?
I can see the main character going something like "I dunno Akuma..Did I get'em? o-o" XD
God I love the look on her face XD Priceless moment
You would think that the 4th wall wouldve learned by now ^^;