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Boy Phaff
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Introducing: Keiko, the Anarchronist!
Updates irregularly and frequently, roughly.
For your dose of Ray Gun in panoramic fashion, as prescribed:
Global Battle Front, left to right, top to bottom: Shootist, Trooper, Tin Soldier, Rock, Bruiser, Meteor, Red, Interloper, Smartbomb, Shotput, Crosshairs, Target, Chessman, Spearhead, Coldblood, Elite, The Shiv and Dog Boy.
Boy Phaff
August 31st, 2014
Paratopian elite are left to right, roughly, top to bottom, hierarchically: Heaven and his White Guardsmen, Maelstrom, Tinman, Powerhouse, Whiplash, Incense, Frillneck, Diamond, Purgatory, Dark Lady, Spirit, Clubfoot, Lightspeed, Birdie, Humanoid, Bludgeon, Bolo, Sinistra, Skin Crawler, Petrify, Slaying Mantis, Blue Wasp, Hunger and Vindicator.
and funny
It's all absolutely gorgeous!
The N.Y.FRONT LINE are: Dragon, Valour, Plasm, Pussycat, Hardshell, Butch, Dinosaur and Blue Blaze.
@noodlebuns: Great. Thanks for reading -and I do mean reading- Noodlebuns!
@Guest: It's always nice to be read, so thank you guest!
The Weathermen are: Twister Terror, Color Commando, Downpour Danger and Crimson Conducter.
@noodlebuns: Thank you noodlebuns. Seems it doesn't excite too many peoples at smackjeeves...
A page a day, accidental reader.
Right. Ultras on this page, top to bottom, left to right, roughlywise: Clown, Powerray, Crimson Conducter, Hardhat, Arcarius, Sledge, Valour, Tomcat, Slider, Amok, Ball Lightning, Blood, Meteor, Red Star, the Synergy Twins, Holy Joe, Blue Bang, Jack Rabbit, Papa Obari, The Gaze, Starbright, Bull, Raven, Headbang, Scissors, Paper, Rock, Dinosaur, Mr. Magnificent, Atomic, Evil Eye, Blue Flame, Manbeast.
Next page tomorrow.
@MisterW: The hell I am..
@noodlebuns: Thanks Noodlebuns. Do enjoy!
Smells like a drunkduck refugee..
I advise you to try out
You'll work will get a lot more recognition over there. Or change your style to manga, that seems to work over here on smackjeeves. Good luck to you!
@Cutic105: Cheers Cutic105! First page of next story is up. Updates will be very irregular this time around though..