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'Kay so first of all this finishes off this chapter! wooo! It certainly took a while but we finally found the plot.
Secondly the comic is going on hiatus for a little bit. Well i say a little bit, it'll probably be for about a year or something. I feel really bad about it but the thing is, i started a redo of chapter 1 of this about a year ago and weeeellll... I've managed about ten pages. I just don't seem to have enough time to juggle all this and work at the minute and it's kinda frustrating. But i guess that's life.
But yeah so i'm gonna finish chapter 1 and hopefully make it about a million times better than it is now.
Hopefully you'll all come back then as well.
Anyway until then my friends.
So Viz media's shonen jump is available in the uk now.
but it's only on iphone and ipad...
So it's available. I want it. I can buy it. But i can't read it...

He lasted long didn't he?
Right so, about last week. Since this bit was important i panicked and got worried that it wasn't planned properly. So i took last week to try to plan the rest of the chapter better. So now it's planned it's back to regular updates.
107 pages in and guess what.
Sorry the page is late. Time's been a bit iffy this week.
P.S. i don't like copying and pasting but it seemed appropriate for this page.
I really need to practice drawing houses...
First thing, i can't draw on my old monitor. It's bloody impossible. I've got a new monitor now but this page is still weird but if i take any more time on it i'll be here till next july. Anyway really sorry it's not that good.
Secondly 100 pages. Woooo! Only took FAR TOO BLOODY LONG.

Man i'm slow.
A couple of things for this page. Firstly my laptop's screen is going red and i'm worried so i plugged in my old monitor. Thing is it's an OLLLLDD monitor and it has to sit on the floor 'cause it's so big, sooo it's blurry and kinda far away from me so if any pages from now on look funny then it's probably because i can't see the screen.
Second that doesn't account for the last panel. I can see that's just drawn wrong.

I need a new laptop.
So hopefully that's all the mistakes fixed. You can tell i was half asleep when i checked this 'cause i forgot to do Bastian's beard and hair properly. So yeah... sorry 'bout that.
Sorry about last week, was a bit of a weird week. My drawing hand swelled up (still hasn't gone down but at least it doesn't hurt that much anymore) and one of my wisdom teeth appears to have appeared.
So all in all a pretty unproductive week.
Back on schedule now hopefully though.
Too many "They"s in that last sentence? Probably. That's just how he rolls.
This is my first page drawn in manga studio 5 so if it's different in a bad way then i apologise. I'm still messing with the program so bear with me.
Minorly early. Enjoy.
Okay so first of all i massively apologise for the fact that this is three weeks late. Christmas panicking kinda got in the way. Hopefully i'll be able to get back to some kind of routine. Might take a while though so bear with me.
Sorry this one's late, ran out of time last week and didn't know how much time i'd have this week so i saved this page for this week. Good thing too 'cause i didn't manage to much of the next page this week either.
I'm still messing with the logo. Apologies.
What d'you mean i planned this page poorly so that there was a huge empty space in that bottom left corner so i filled it with some tiny rocks, how dare you accuse me of such things, i am insulted, GOOD DAY TO YOU SIR!
Sorry it's a little late. Don't worry, I'm not gonna moan this week. I'm sure that can wait till next week.
My god that last panel makes me hate myself. I didn't think it was that bad up till then.