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Not much to say here: I like games, anime, ice cream and pizza. Your common online artist-wannabe!
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We own you an explanation...
... Yes, it's been more than a month since this comic got out of a hiatus and into another, sorry for that. HOWEVER!
Firstly, both Meta and I are having exams these weeks (I believe most of you are having it too).
Secondly, Meta has this other comic, UFO Epsilon ( Go check it out.
Thirdly, we're going to give KotS some well deserved attention during the vacation time.
Fourthly (sic?), we're at almost 300 fans!!! Thanks everyone! I'm working in a 300 fans special art, so go get your friends, 5 more people and I'll show it.
Fifthly, I... err... nevermind, there's no 5th explanation ;P
"Well, thanks for THAT."
"You're welcome!"
XD Moon, you are the best!
My god, Moon is such a lunatic! Gotta love the little guy. :D
big lol, I liked it.
I'm going fav it right now.
Thanks for the welcome, everyone! I was worried about the shading, since Meta used another method. I'm glad you liked, and I hope to keep up with yours expectations
Oh yeah, KotS is back. I may be the co-author now, but before that I'm fan. I hope this time we can make to the end. No more hiatus ;)