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So yes, I'm pleased that the colors turned out from the scanning. Let me know what you think and such.
Color is more vibrant then pictured. I blame my scanner.
So, yes. I'm exprimenting with art pen widths and such. Trying to find the one I like. Sorry for the delay. Let me know wht you think. I need to improve. ;)
This is part of a series. This is part one. "To love with out fear" It will appear more then once. Let me know what you think.
You are lucky to have that in your life. I have a good friend who is gay and we live in the Sourth, guess what? Religion down thy throat.

"ok I know this is way out of place but I made this to show respect to those who have resantly taken their lives due to bullying caused by homophobic action
if you feall the same put this marker on your own comic and promote others to do the same"
It's sad isn't it? We as humans, as "caring" people can't even tolerate homosexual people. They are in love like everyone else! They live, breathe, cry and sleeep just like us, yet we crusify and pracitcally murder them because of who they like and love? That's sad.
Is the minion me? lol/ I love the texture and color.
September 1st, 2010
Your art makes me a depressed little squirrel. It's way to good.
Wow. To bad you didn't take a picture of it. Where did you vacation?
Yes. But it's good in many ways. You can see life as others see it; so you have a better understanding of human nautre and the heart of the world.
Yeah, thaat's true. and that stuff has no heart in it. It looks pretty but you can sense that there's no heart.
It's so sweet and sad. It's amazing how one person can look at something and get a reaction from it while another looks at it an dfeels the opposite of it, ro they don't even see the beauty of it.
Yeah, it's drwan on 11 by 17 inch paper. It took around 4 to 5 days.
Oh man, finally!
It's not lettered but I have done it!
I love this comic. Poor leonard. I can't wait to see how this spans out. Do you have this in print?
Just a little. ;)
L:et Me know what you think. Critism and compliments are always invited!