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Well im just an average student with a dream to become a writer/graphic designer. I love MUSIC AND EVERYTHING(mostly every thing ^.=.^;)i love makeing friends, so dont be shy and send me a message, email, or talk to me on msn messenger ^^ I hate posers and liers.
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cliff hanger!
September 11th, 2011
:D ~<3
Like holy shiznit!!
i miss it too
we should a role call before we start over again
so we no whos in or out
holy crap im halfway through a simester and i has all As!!
W00t for my smartness
but i do miss you guys and all :<
im in marchingband so like my whole week is taken up!!
so i has no time! UGHH!!
i miss you guys soooooo much
lawl XD
and cute :3
this dude was called a pedophile by chio.....
whitch reminds me where she go too?
brees reply....
if she does
baby come back!!
lawls XD 3oh3 i no were your going with this
June 26th, 2010
i has that same ringtone!! :D
lawl XD
its a cat fight
completly enlighting
lol sorry again i need find out what wrong latter
meanwhile heres the link!
its my girl Riki
she wanted to be in the comic so i said okay
happy friday everyone!!
its good