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Couldn't think of a title... yeah...
I'll have my 8-bit guy go in too. With or without armor, it desn't matter.
Ideas do not come easily thee days.
K you can cameo. Just pm me with the 16 bit sheet you want me to use, along with any and all burgers you will undoubtedly eat on set.
Let fighting begin!
Also, the first cameo! Yays for Pat-man!
That reminds me, are we gonna do anything special for the 150th comic?
Wily always has boobs, even when he doesn't! Wait, what?
If you want to cameo, pm me with the sprites for me to use.
My comic I am making. You can cameo if you want, but 16 bit only please.
The time for fighting is now!
Or rather, next time.
This is the ultimate showdown, of ultimate destiny! 8-bit, 16-bit explosions, as far as the eye can see!
By every sprite, do you mean 8 and 16 bit ones?
Don't worry. There will be a number 8. I may make it today or tomorrow.
Yays I gots mah cameo!
I like the second one. It's better than mine, anyway.
I like the last panel, with all the robot masters. Dunno why though. Maybe it's just because my favourite robot masters are in there.
Yeah, now you mention it, he's sorta looking at me like he's saying "yeah... my gun doesn't go here, idiot."
I think these came out better than the last one. Please leave feedback, guys.
Well, I have some 8-bit sprites on the mega man author sprite showcase.