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ITS OVER 500!!!
He hit a woman? O_O
Can I curse in my language?
I never thought that she is so stubborn. But I think she does well. Her trainer had stabbed a knife into back to Patch.
And it's time to disappear from the scene! With style, ofcourse (⌐■_■)

Otherwise, the last panel. That Sparkia would not meet the requirements?
I know that they will be okay! Well, I did not know. :D
But this was a good trick. Teleport behind him and shoot him into the back thanks to the laser beam!
@bananakin: Your new avatar is stupid, but it is totally adorable and cute. So I like it. :D
No offense. That is a compliment. :D
Golden baked Squishy and Eevee. Delicacy. Bon appetite.
But come on. One burn heal or a rawst berry and they are fine. Right? :D
@bananakin: Hahaha. Yes, I can speak more languages. English is not my native language. Heh, greetings from Central Europe. ;)

Otherwise, to ... Well, to that ... I just knew it!
Such a shame. I would throw a great pun. Unfortunately, after translation into English It would make no sense... :|

Well I think I know why Eevee should be angry. If this applies ... Well ... *Blush* XD
The truth is that at the moment am with Houndoom.
For a few reason.
1. I like dark types.
2. People (and pokémon too) should follow the law and order.

But hey! I hope that gang wins! :)
*chant* GO HOUNDOOM! GO HOU....
Ehm.. You can do it, guys! Perhaps...
Bad idea, Patch. Very bad idea.
WHAAAAT? A human? I'm in shock!
How they could meet!
Dark side is strong!
He is insane. He should go to a mental institution.....
+fav XD
It´s Mr.Shizofrenic!
July 25th, 2011
Lion turned into a Muk!
N!? What's he doing here? :O