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October 21st, 2018
Oh it's originally in Russian~
October 21st, 2018
Ooo sounds interesting! I'll check out that literary inspiration if I get a chance~
Your colouring is so pretty~ is it 100% traditional?
September 10th, 2018
Just found this comic, your artstyle is gorgeous *_* especially this page~which is why I came back here to say that~

Also, what women have trouble with is sexist assholes, not backgrounds.
February 6th, 2018
I really like his hair down~ He looks hot~
But it also looks less like him? Like, it's probably a matter of being used to it? Idk~

I think mostly leaving him with the normal hair and then the occasional hair-down treat is a good way to go as well~ So we don't overdose.... On the hot.....
December 12th, 2017
I like how when he's in dark mode you put a shadow over his face, like, the shadow is a metaphor
Hmm I think it appeared at like recommended comics or rising comics or something? And had a pretty cover so I checked it out and liked what I saw and followed it? I never comment but I read~ Your art is so pretty and colourful~~ And the dark haired guy looks so cute in the last panel<3
Opposable thumbs. Are handy. That's why.
Ok now I imagine Bailey's allergies kick in after shoving his face into the feathers and they can't continue cause he keeps sneezing and all his face is melting DX
November 22nd, 2015
She didn't tell him WHICH classroom tho.
September 6th, 2015
I can just see him screaming in pain in the next page cause of his poor wings
Now I imagine him saying wow what an adorable demon child which would make Sergio stutter more than he was going to anyway
Because he only ever went to fancy boy-only schools??
Because his mom was very scary and he was too traumatized to ever attempt talking to another female??
He was homeschooled? <Obviously not true since he mentioned something about private schools and
Wasn't him liking math mentioned before somewhere? Why is everyone so surprised /: I totally support math-simon tho :"D
So they all walk on the ceiling? And things fall up??
In my mind the parrot answers back and he realizes he can talk Bird now too.
Y u log out randomly browser
Well, the initial step of the shake should be easily convertible to a yawn or something. Incase the other person doesn't know about it. One could alternatively yawn a certain sequence and if the other side yawns back a certain sequence, the handshake can then be commenced.
I think this might be the least awkward way for all parties involved.
I wanna get in shape for the same reason DX But it didn't really occur to me I should also practice jumping and lifting myself from cliffs! Thankyou other commenters O: Sofar my excersize routine only included me running as I'm being late to class/train, but I shall try coming up with more elaborate routines!