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This is not super related or at all, but I've been meaning to sign up to tapas and you have an account, right? Do you have one of them join-in codes? It would give you something if I used it right? Would you mind? I was thinking who I could ask and you're like the first one I thought of 😅
September 17th, 2019
Due tomorrow do tomorrow is the only way to live, sorry to be the one to tell you, just no other way.

Comfort time!
September 11th, 2019
Males can't talk? O:
Tag yourself I'm Cupid.
I mean at least he tried...
July 1st, 2019
I think a lot of things are going to go like Tumblr because of new laws that make it harder to offer nsfw content /: and also because advertisers and the "brand safe" bullshit /: so now they're trying to censor the whole internet /: I'm so annoyed.

Cool page tho, sorry for rant, like the second panel. Forgot he had a piercing and was like that's a weird nipple, but then I looked closely and it was oooohhhh. I also like that you draw him with armpit hair and not like, a lot of characters who are super hairless even tho they don't shave DX
June 16th, 2019
They're being so cute with each other now ⊂(ãƒģīšãƒģ⊂)
Oh fuck
May 20th, 2019
Not that I'm disapproving of what's happening, but is this really the time and place?
The headboard where they're closer is black and you can't read the writing on it o: is it supposed to be like that?
I did not expect cuddling so early on, tbh I thought they were going to take longer to get to this point o: Good on them
@ImmortalSword: ooo sounds cool!
You can try looking up some copyright free music to use, tho it's hard to find music that would fit your vision if you have one. Unless you can actually make music yourself, in which case do that o: You can also find a lot of free sounds like footsteps or whatever if you need them?
I'm not sure about backgrounds tho, maybe try one of those simple 3D modeling of a room then draw over it style? It's supposed to be faster/easier but I've never tried it so I donno o:
Is summer vacation so early? It's just May o-o how long are som summer vacations where you're at? O:
Will you make the game public? O:
Is this one of the pets and it's here to either protect him or spy on him?
And this is all done in traditional media? O:
I also think the first panel bubbles might be confused.

I like how similar you draw them, so one can tell they're related, but also like, they have different enough design to easily tell them apart.
March 12th, 2019
I agree! Wtf dude, find your own food!
Good luck on your other things that are going on o:
Ok so I thought your art was gorgeous before, but the last few pages are amazing
February 17th, 2019
Hmm can't really tell yet....