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This creature will not direct it's attention towards you unless you give it an offering, preferably either pocky, cheese, pie, or yaoi. It is much better at writing than drawing, so it will usually have strange letters scrawled on a piece of paper sooner than people drawn. It is a music addict, and will die fairly quickly if there is no sound in the world.
Good Luck!
I find the thought of boot camp quite frightening, but that's just me. I hope you have fuuun!
SEX IS ALWAYS THE ANSWE-/killed with the fires of hell/
Silly Edward, if your heart did stop, you'd die. XD
Hahaha, Ed's the same silly boy he was before. I do think he deserves some kind of punishment, but not the 'Shuichi Shindo' following you around. I wouldn't wish my worst enemy that fate... Well... Maybe a couple of people...
FF-- NO ONE BROUGHT KETCHUP?! -joins blob of people in a corner with ketchup and demands they share-
Green ninjas anyone?
Holiday- Veteran's day
Name- Jedd Farlcrie
Birthday- November 11, 1992
Likes- Old Army songs like 'Two Little Boys', video games, small guns, being the hero, large guns, traveling, VIDEO GAMESSS.
Dislikes- Feeling vulnerable, people who have a bigger ego than him, super ukes that cry if you accidentally step on their foot, water, "Effing hippies that we fight for so they can carry those protest signs", terrorists, little kids, anything that doesn't have to do with him, long lists that go on and on forever, people who dislike a lot of things, and hippies.
History- In November of 1919, President Wilson proclaimed November 11 as the first commemoration of Armistice Day shortly after WWI. Shortly after a few other wars, like WWII and after American forces had fought aggression in Korea, they crossed out Armistice and penciled in 'Veterans', for all people in the Army, Navy, Marines, etc. to have a day of honor given to them.
Personality- Jedd's like an old Japanese man in how much of his brain occupies RESPECT. And also, he has this 'I'llcutyouifyouinsultme' air. Mostly gets along with adults, hella bunch o' scars. He has a dog tag for each of the world wars, and the hoodie can cover up his face leaving only his eyes. Like a fricken green ninja. Also, he's very patriotic. Has red white 'n blue f'cking undies. Doesn't really have too much faith in religion, tho. Has an 'Ends justify the means' attitude.
Sexuality- Closeted
Preference- Seke (Seme/Uke hybrid mutant freak o' nature)
He's dreamin' bout alex covered in ketchup. Yes. Or ketchup covered in alex. Or alex covered in something else... Hmm... HEHE.
I know others have said this, but I bet when Liam gets back, Ed's gonna turn uke. *shifty eyes* HE'S JUST TOO ADORABLE.
January 16th, 2011
... I love Manicorn now. He is my favorite superhero now. ^U^
My mind suddenly calls up a wonderful image... Shinji x La'akea... But if not, I can live with any of dems.. =¬+

January 8th, 2011
Hehehe, man powers...
Does he have to say 'KAME... HAME... HA!!' for his man powers? OUO
I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT USES THE BROWNIE ON THE PIZZA?!? YAY. I feel less alone every day. ^¬^

ZOMG. I read the whole thing and spazz over the art... And I really freaking want one of those towels...
... JUST AS PLANNED. Sorry, had to say it...
I shall go and read this over and over again, and mourn it's ending, but it shall never be dead!! HAHAHA!! I am excited to see what you will make for the last page... AND I WENT SHOOP DA WHOOP SQUEE FROM REACTION TO SHIRATORI'S SPARKLE.
December 21st, 2010
... What I'm freaking out about... is that you are AWESOME TALENTED if you're drawing THIS with your TONGUE. Oh, and HAPPYFACE. IT'S BACK.
December 19th, 2010
... just told me to fave this in a girly voice. I SHALL FOLLOW THE WILL OF TEH POSTER, BABYYY.