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Well I'm just a poor starving college student who loves y|a|o|i| my |anti|-drug ^_-
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    starts with an E and ends wit-COOKIE!!!!!O_O
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okay go do the daedra quests you will get lots of hearts
lol my friend had to cheat to get the Daedra hearts she needed to make the armour
nah 40septims=killing no baddies
there is a dog named Mekko outside a shack(named meeko shack) like northwest of the apprentice stone....
don't jump off them though, my roommate has the cheat "godmode" on and she has killed almost every horse in the game by jumping or falling off the mountain
man I haven't had a skull ever thrown at me....maybe because I has a pony...
say goodbye to your soul and life for about a months time *nods*
God I love Rory, I just wanna hug him all day and give him gore films and games all the time. If I have a baby I want him to be Rory.....
okay this may be the worst thing you hear today, but because of the Jason Derulo character when ever I see this comics title I start singing "In My Head".....but I still love this comic :D
August 2nd, 2011
so thats how you get Hiro to kiss someone!
I never really would have thought that Greg is actually totally covered in tattoos
uhoh i hope we don't have the next star of "16 and pregnant" here
zomg they switched!
what the fuck condoms in bl omg i never knew such a thing existed next thing i know you are gonna have some lube use :O
lol Harrison you are epic-sauce on top of awesome-spaghetti right now
I scream for joy when I see this on my updates <3
I just went lesbo for Rory<3
ooooo penor action soon
mm look at that ass, I bet if asked it will shake...hopefully
Flora your bikini top makes me stare at your nipples....just saying....