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Hello! well, I'm chilean, I study Illustration. I love traveling, and writing. I don't like the city, so much. I love the open spaces, fields and farms.. I like the simple things, because the complicated things are in my mind :P

I like books like The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho), and good poetry, like Quevedo; My favorite film is "Ever After cinderella". In the bottom, I'm a romantic :)
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    Monica Almendrae
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: )
its hurts.. really, I'll miss your comic all this time, but, don't worry, meago! think, maybe its an opportunity for explore more techniques.:D or write. think about all your comic in scketches. :) not its too bad. :D
:D dont cry
Ow, meago!, go on! :) you're a gifted woman, hehe, i hope that your days will get better ^_^