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February 18th, 2011
Aaah Just marathoned through after forever ago AND ITS LIKE I NEVER LEFT OFF. Your so amazing with this salison, the story keeps getting more and more interesting.- Keep it up! ;v; /patiently waits for the next update/
February 2nd, 2011
Im kinda on a sporadic update schedule with this

Thanks to those who waited and to those who
forgot this existed and only remembered it when it updated and still want to give it a chance.~~//watches people leave//

Im working hard on a oneshot to be printed for AX 2011
so all my time is going to that, but Ill try
just as hard to update this too!~
August 28th, 2010
lol Sorry kinda dramatic...maybe.~

Ill respond here this time:
ZivXanthus>> Thank ya so much! ='D
Everlong>> lol IKR?? I think I'm alittle anal about things like that.xD
Anime>> Yay I tried to make him seem that way.~=D Oh yea here's the linky:
Its rather green and polka-dotted<33 (oh and massive bunnies)
Elle>> Aw thanks QuQ Glad these characters have atleast someone who likes'em.
I'm so happy he came back for her. ;u; You just upped your awsome levels Hotaru.<33
Eee I'm soo happy this updated.~
August 21st, 2010
BK>> lol It will be a sad day indeed. ;D
August 21st, 2010
BK>> yay for tones! 8D
August 21st, 2010
He was just messing with her, he knew where he was going the whole time.~

Uuum one more upload and that'll conclude the uploads today.~~~~<3
August 21st, 2010
mildtarantual>> lol thank you! =D
BK>>Yaay :D then I can't wait for your to update too. 030
fwatts>> thanks! ^^
August 21st, 2010
Reven is his full name, nickname is Ren.~ lol I tried to model the cellphone off my sis's but that didn't work. Anyway from now on the box and cell will be toned. xD

*goes to update more*
July 23rd, 2010
crystalgardian>> lol xD
Anime>> Hes not much of a fighter ouo lol (Oh Kaile exists in my other fail story ;^;) Ill get to the next page quickly to show you his face! x)
TOT I wonder what he'll do now??
(go back for yumi hotaru!)

Oh I voted for you btw! Congrats on the nomination. =D
July 22nd, 2010
I disappear for awhile then comeback and shove more characters in your faces. D: But I also come back to see that this comic has over 400+ plus now, THANK YOU!

Ill try even harder on the next update!

And sorry, this page only has half-faces.
Congrats on +1000 =D
Okay now I want that string. D: lawl

Aw But I love the YuukixTsubame piccy~C: Your coloring is fantabulous and I envy it all the time~.*u* *sits and admires for another hour*
July 22nd, 2010
nerero>> lol indeed~ xD
gigi>> Yea more to be explained later as I get this story moving ;0; To me it looks confusing so far
luver>> its okay, lol yes. He is very much so.~~
dii>> lol After he was done annoying Alin he'd probably go annoy Yuuki (he seems to get pretty annoyed easily) haha xD- Thank you!
Anime>> He does ;3; (maybe an underlying hate for Alin for being a main character lawl)
bolohanl>> Haha he can only hope for that. D':
Hionchurry>> The full wrath of him would be the equivilant to an angray koala~~~xD
fwatts>> Thank you! =D
salis>> Oh ofc! lol Its how all healthy relationships start out right?? xD (forces them to hold hands)
Maiumaoro>> Thank you!~
Bett>> Thank you! ;u; lol its an illusion! Its actually pretty
messy up close, I just shrink it till it looks nice.~/bricked//
Oooh suspense~ and lol I guess Junta's rubbing off on Yuuki. x)
Oh no! Hope you'll be okay D:

lol Hotaru THINK! *asldfjaskd*
(oh I really like your handwritting btw lol so neat and perfect! ovo)
July 4th, 2010
bolohanl>> daw thanks 030 *glad you look forward to my updating xD* I'd really like to move the story faster but my hands are retarded orzorz
yoweslow>> thanks!
everlong>> I hope so too :D (I feel horrible that I have no idea what their outcome will be as a couple though ,haha~)
anime610>> I l.o.v.e hands x) (use to hate them lolz) aww Alin thanks you when he gets up off the floor.~
salis>> thanks salis it was good ^0^ aww I hope so too ;A;
Yea I've always liked when authors portray their characters in other things besides the story ^w^ -thanks<33
luver>> thanks<33 He must live! otherwise the story gets nowhere D: ...kinda.
gigi>> hands are so interesting lol daw I think he just passed out before the pain really set in.~
hrooper>>thank you! c:
chika>> waaah you have an account too asldfjasldkjf! Uuu I should make a tut cause everyone seems to like my hands, though I think they need work ;A; *puts on list of things 2do* I bought sai after my trial ended~ *best buy ever!*
July 4th, 2010
Happy 4th everyone~

My events got rained out, so I guess Ill be manualing updating after all.~

Oh and Alin's not bleeding because Mr.PonPon can't "physically" hurt people even though it looked like he bite off his hand, so Alin passed out because he thought his hand would be chewed off and not because it hurt lol. (more to be explained later as the story slowly progresses, yay!)

*goes to look for food orz*
epicyuukifaces are EPIC<333

Love his internal dialogue xD