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@Keysha: It's not, the shirt is different so it's likely going to be someone Ash angered.
Law, what's that mean?
Of course the illegal vigilante hero would obey every inconvenient law that interferes with the whole saving people gig. Also I am absolutely amused at the sarcasm.

Ps. Oh and just to put it out there "third times the charm" or curse depending on how you consider all the dead people
Oh that poor naive little boy, he is so going to end up caught in the spider's web. Also ignore the psychiatric suggestion, insanity is a fun place to be.
Is that the air or the wrench that's making that noise that's blocking all other sound?
That is a fail so spectacular words cannot describe it.
Oh!! Kimi was being what? polite? Nice? Sarcastic? I'm waiting for Nico to explode with jealousy.
I seriously hope I am not the only one who has no clue as to what Sergio said.
Beware the library!!! you never know if there is a cursed book, or a book of black magic, or just magic is lying around, especially in a place with a door to an underwater kingdom in the basement
Oh that is so gonna cause a funny misunderstanding between the cousins
I'm pretty sure 'Jehovah' is a translation from another language. it's not a misinterpretation. But whether you believe it or not is up to you.
It is a shade of purple, only it has more of a bluish tint to it
Is it just me?
I see blue eyes with hearts, purple eyes with black voids, and empty brown eyes.
The violin appeared out from nowhere so of course it's dissolving btw I wanna know where it came from in the first place because he did not have that violin when he entered the stage. and Both
I cheated
I googled what little lyrics there were.
Angel Beats
My Soul, Your Beat
A nice song, is it not?
Where did she hide that gun? I saw her pick it up but where was it?
Sergio is taking it well. I'm taking a guess and saying he knows a witch or some other supernatural creature. and Simon's eye is both scary and funny.
I didn't think the water would attack him. (at least while he was outside the door)
That's one freaky door