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Gonna be honest with you people.

Only reason I have a smackjeeves account is so I can better comment on Four King Hell.

As you were :)
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First Venus surprises him, and he does it right back to her! Her eyes are so full of expression. The two of them are so similar they are totally going to win the bet first!

But hmm... I think that Kunzite knows what that Cage-Key-thing is! He has the most memories out of all the Shittenous, and he seemed shocked to see it.

But phew! I'm glad Kunzie isn't dead! He may not be a real boy (yet) but it's better than being dead.

Now, can SOMEONE please go save Rei?! I think that Venus and Kunzite will protect each other and the Princess well enough.
Wow, your drawing of Jupiter is great! I like the electricity on her tiara.

But oh no! She got hit! Kick her ass Jupiter! Hit her with an Oak Evolution!, I am totally getting into this fight!!!

You go Minako! She looks so great with her "I'm about to kill you" glare.

The really impressive thing? She ripped out a metal seat cover to protect her Princess in a nano-second! Well done Mina!

Also, the angles on this page are fantastic! The facial expressions of both Usagi and Kunzite are memorable... but seriously Minako's is just down right badass! Love it!
February 25th, 2012
Did you... did you just kill Usagi?!

I mean, I've seen her tied up, kidnapped, hit, kicked, punched and knocked around like crazy... but to actually strike her with a scary looking sword and put her out of commission?!

Wow... just wow! I love it! I always felt that while she is the Princess as well as the strongest, nothing truly bad ever happens to her. The other Senshi have sacrificed their lives over and over again. I think it's kind of fitting for it to be Usagi's turn to sit out... especially with so many warriors around.

Loved this page! But I truly wanna see a pissed off, bad-ass looking Venus soon.
October 17th, 2010
Ahhhh!!!! OhMyGosh Helios recognized Kunzite!! He should be able to help the Kings with information for their memories of their lives from The Golden Kingdom!!!

Oh this is gooooood :)
September 26th, 2010

I would not blame Kunzite if he just walked right out of the restaurant.
Oh gosh it IS Beryl! Go me, I totally guessed!

She looks rather weak though, as if she's been sitting in that spot for days. She's still very pretty, just kinda... well sad I guess.

Hmmm... what will Setsuna do with her? Beryl obviously spoke out loud to catch her attention, so what's her next move? Let's hope she puts Beryl in prison or something to hide her away because if the Shittenou find out she's alive they'll justifibly freak out!

Great page! Can't wait for 92!!!
"this is going to end up as some hot Petz x Setsuna action" i honestly did NOT see that coming! Well, if Pez REALLY can't be with Safir, then i guess Sets is a good substitute. Maybe they can get some hints from Uranus and Neptune.

But who's gonna love poor Safir? He's the only one among the guys with half a brain!
*hands raised while silently sobbing from big puppy eyes*


And you gave us hope that these two kids were finally gonna make it

Well, I guess Diamond could try and console his brother and an
"accident" could happen to the much hated boyfriend... right? After all, these things do happen. What's a random piano falling from the sky between brothers anyway.

Rei actually gave in to Jadeite. Rei gave in to a guy?!


However, it doesn't take him very long to mess up, does it? If Kunzite were there he would blame Jed because he should "always be aware of his surroundings" or something like that.

I'm gonna guess it's either Yuuchiro or Nephrite. Yuuchiro because he's jealous, or Neph because he doesn't want to lose.

Also, I LOVE the first panel. Rei's hair and face are perfect and Jadeite has the cutest expression on his face.

Can't wait to see what happens next!