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The Reverse Time card isn't a real card, but it was used in the Yugioh GX manga.
Complete Make-Over
I've decided to replace the sprites with hand drawn versions of the characters and monsters, but decided to keep using the 3D backdrops to make the comic stand out.

More pages will be coming soon.
November 20th, 2007
Sorry, no real update today. I had a lot on my mind and last night I was trying to see if I could make the "ultimate" Mario fan game, but it still needs some work.

Also this filler is a reference to Super Mario Bros. 2 for the NES, and how the american version was originally a japanese game known as Doki Doki Panic.
About the Title
The reason why I chose this title, because Spider-man makes an appearance, and the fact that Dr. Light needs to take responsibility for his robots.
Poor Communcation
If anyone body's wandering, the <zzh> is meant to be interference messing up some of the words.

Will Megaman actually jump to his doom? Find out on Saturday for the exciting conclusion.
Minor Setback
Looks like Megaman didn't expect that Dr. Wily would create more robots, to help him get his own back on Dr. Light.

On Sunday I completed all the levels in The Simpsons Game, and to make sure I haven't wasted £50; I'll be redoing all the levels while collecting all the hidden items in the game.
November 9th, 2007
Another Update
Sorry for putting in another filler, but I just bought The Simpsons Game for PS3.

Good game, the best features are the cartoon animated cutscenes and the 2 player co-op you can have in most of the levels.
Story Progresses
Megman is finally in his battle suit, but before anything can be done an angry mob shows up at the front door.

What are they going to do? Find out on Saturday for the exciting conclusion.
November 5th, 2007
Another Update
I'm back updating the comic again. Even though I have about one more assigment to finish for college, I will be trying my best to update this comic as much as I can.
Missed a Few
First of all, I haven't stopped making the comic.

The reason why I've missed a few updates is because I'm running through a dry spell mixed with a bit of writers block, and I'm hoping this won't last long.

Also the college is closed down and I'm patiently waiting for it open up before my holiday ends, because I left most of my work there and it needs to be all finished before I get back.

After this week though, I should be back to updating the comic regularly.
Nice comic, I didn't know that they were walking sprites for Roll.

Are those custom made or were ripped from one of the Megaman games?
Sy's Comic
DO NOT ADJUST YOUR TV SETS! Today my brother wanted to try and make a his very own sprite comic, but isn't too sure if he should register and turn it into a series.

The other reason why there isn't a proper update today, is because I've been given another assignment to do at college, and I really need to spend as much time on it as I can.

My brother Sy has a terrific sense of humour, and I can imagine him doing well as a sprite comic author. Also; he wants to know how well his first comic is, so please comment on it, if can and he says that he wants your honest opinion.

Sprites for this comic were ripped/created by:
Yet Another Update
Today you've learnt what kind of music Dr. Light listens to.

What will happen next? Tune in on Thursday to find out!
The Plot Thickens
Looks like Dr. Light will be taking full credit for the work, what will Dr. Wily do next? Find out on Tuesday.
Another Year Older
Sorry for missing Tuesday's update, but I got caught up with some college work.

On other news, tomorrow I'll becoming one year older than I was last year.
Generic Comment Title
Feeling a bit tired today, it's a good thing I have until Tuesday to update the comic again.
October 10th, 2007
A Filler
Sorry that I couldn't do a proper update, got a bit side tracked with work at college.

Hopefully, I should have the next page done for Saturday.
Megaman's Here
Megaman and Roll now made their first appearances in the comic!

I also registered the comic to BuzzComix top webcomics list site.
October 5th, 2007
Updated Layout
As you'll noticed I udated layout for the page.
First Comic
This is the very first page of my comic, and more will come very soon.