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Uhhhh the first smut scene better be bewteen Atty and Khan, that's all I gots to say......uh I mean, yeah, no smut, nice........
Woo yeah porn comic for a dollar? Hella
You're art style looks really cute on this page! C:
I really really love the first panel. short haired tommy is my life
Tommy looks adorable with his new haircut :)
mmmmm dake's arm muscles at the top
I love your blush-y boys :)
As for your yaoi boys comment, very well put.
And, honestly, I'd like to see Dake top just to prove every one who has said that he can't wrong.
Oy, it's annoying to see people saying that they can't see Dake topping. I mean, c'mon, of course he can.
I totes have a fetish for Tommy abuse too
Omg Tommy wtf stop being the most adorable thing ever <3