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Hey everyone! um.. lemme see now... uhhh.. i like anime, manga, drawing, videogames, photoshop, nerdy things, awesomeness, funny stuff XDD, bass guitar, piano.. and cosplay!
my hobbies are drawing(course), watching anime(yuh, course.) reading manga(do i need to say it again?) laughing(if i dont laugh ill be upset the whole day!), videogames, bass guitar(1 year), and piano(7 years)...
i got 2 brothers, one is four and one is seven.... uhhh.... my favorite animes are... shakugan no shana, pandora hearts, nabari no ou, jigoku shoujo, and higurashi i watch so much more aimes though XD. mangas.. i like full metal alchemist, d.gray man, and inuyasha(i dont read that many mangas.) i just go to school... but i DO help my dad out alot... i make logos, and help design websites, but because im 13, all that money goes to my dad XD okay i think thats all!
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aww i like this page :3 its good. nice job! cant wait to see more o.o
haha, very funny. you knew we would all fall for your tricks XDDD weeelll.. your right XD i could've sworn she was gona pop out XD
yah XD he'd turn handsome alright! (sarcasm) lol nice XD
WOAH! XDD what the hell just happened?
scarlets lookin' at what?
hmmm its soooo awesome! but what is scarlet looking at? (lol i keep reading this over and over... its sooo good!)
hmm the eyes are a lil off o.o other than that, it's really good!
holy crap!
okay, that was creepy! but i didn't scream like some of you did, i just jumped lol. but after i started shivering ad when i was trying to tell my parents "good night" they could here my shivering from my voice lol. haha poor girls...
god dammit! the first story is still giving me the shivers!