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Always happy about critique.

Bring it ON. ;-)
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It is wierd noone have commented on this comic before, it is actually very well made. You pick out the right font, the right toners and right colouringstyle! Awesome dude.. x3 And, that's a really nice way to draw hair (I'm talking about Drake's hairstyle)
Tina... OMG.

It actually looks like a school ._. And I love your tree :D
I envy you for this! You draw så GOOD, and the backgrounds are amazing! ;_;

And Milla is so cute, :D And Vince.. I'ææ just say; YUM. *caugh caugh*

Poor boy...

But isn't it discusting for Yuuki to kiss a girl o_O

Lovely comic, I wish I could draw as you do ; _ ;
yeeah! Go deeath go deeath! :D

<3 love it!
XD freakishly cool
Great job
I love your style. Keep this up ;)
aaaw... Coram is curious.. :3 kawaii
Yeah... :3 ya'll know I like this
Gawd I'm lazy..
Yeah, sorry about the sucking quality of this... I'll get better... ^-^;
Lovely style!
I really like your art-style! ^-^ keep it up!