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When I fangirl about something I like to share it with my friends and get their reactions on things that I fall in love with. That is basically why I draw. Because I am a fan of the things that go on in my head and I want to share the fandom with everyone who's willing to listen.

I like reading webcomics and getting ideas, I like anime a lot, shonen more so than shoujo. I love music, any kind. And I love it when people surprise me with fanart *hint hint*
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You can see the making of pages 13 and 14 here:
Check out the making of this page here:
You can see this page being made in sped up form here:
Testing out the comments.
Oh man I know right! 7 months without a page and I come back with this crap D:
Hey there Lemony I hope you get this. You're not a member or else I would send it to you on the forums as a personal message, but I'll do my best to answer questions.

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in the United States. It marks the beginning of the traditional Christmas shopping season. The name Black Friday may come from it being a hectic and scary day (half prices do crazy things to people) or the fact that it starts at ridiculous times (midnight madness or the fact that Sears has a sale that lasts from 4-7 in the morning of 75% off). Retail store owners call it Black friday because when they make losses they mark it in red but when they make a profit they mark it in black pen.

Sandra's school is a boarding school and she only comes home for a couple of days for the holidays. Chris rarely sees his siblings as is and being a vampire things may take a turn for the worse in between when he'd next see his sister. It doesn't (as we'll see, she shows up for his thanksgiving). . . yet.

And I named it sunshine and happiness cause I like to be ironic. Hurr. I think I'm clever.
I think I originally drew it as a guy, then a girl, then a guy again, and then when doing the final comic I. . . forgot what gender I made it. So there ya go.
I want more!!

This story is like crack!
Panels 3 and 4 are the reasons why you should never drink and draw.
You'll be able to tell its a dude, soon enough.
I'm sorry to hear that! D: I shall surely miss you here if you can't get online. I will keep working in your name! *fist shake*
Since everyone's confused, it was a reference to page 21. CONTINUITY WOAH!

Also I had a weird dream. . .
Congratulations you're the first person to question me about Aesop. Have a cookie.

No he's not THE Aesop. By me he was named after that guy and by his. . . masters he was named after that guy. He's a background character so I don't feel too bad giving away his plot points.
Other than the umbrella thing, this all I really had when SaH was just a concept. Before Chris even had a face and was just a vague idea of a guy with a new twist too his life, Augustine was a fully fledged character. But I only had two really main details in mind: she had a parasol that she was very fond/proud of, and this little scene, where she pulls out blood from a vial and pours it into some tea.

Also, this is my favorite series of ChrisFaces. Ever.
I am not saying you have no talent. Yes you have writing skills but you're using others creative works.

As an artist, it kind of . . . well, pisses me off to see someone use someone else's work. Like a cheap whore. For cheap laughs. I'm one of those ruler-up-the-ass people who thinks the whole idea of Creative Commons should just go to hell.

This is a big debate not made for the commentary area, so I'll leave it with name calling. Not much else I can do here, its just DeviantArt for comics, but at least there you can point out infringement and get results.
This is an infringement of intellectual property.

Make your own art and stop ripping people off, you pirate and hack.
Hey kid I like your style! Its unique and fun. I can't wait to see where this evolution of your art takes you.
The End of a Chapter. Normally Chapter covers go in front of the chapter. . .mine go at the end. Cause I'm awesome like that.

Now here's the thing with SaH's chapters. I named them all after songs that appropriately fit. This past chapter you've been reading was entitled Pantala Naga Pampa. Its a quick song by Dave Matthews Band. But theres also a whole wiki entry on it and I encourage you to check it out. Its a quick, but funny read.

The song's background and the lyrics made me feel that Pantala Naga Pampa was an appropriate song choice.

Also, I apologize that there is no real comic for today. Instead I offer up to you guys some Chris nipples. Enjoy.
Just a side note guys: the ring tone in panel 1 is the opening song from Hellsing. I doubt Chris even knows what Hellsing is, but I can do whatever the hell I want so HA! :B
Meet Augustine!! I less than three Auggy-poo to a great extent and adding her forced chipper is a great balance to Chris'. . . ChrisFace's.

Also, I would like to point out that with this page I jumped in 4 more folks who now watch this comic. Welcome ya'll, hope you stick around for the fireworks. We'll be roasting weenies.