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name's Eunbi
um wat i like to do is draw and read and listen to music play guitar and piano. my fav colors are pink and greeen i looooooooove k-pop(korean opo) and some of my fav groups are HOt GOD Shinhwa SUJU NU'EST Big Bang LED Apple
and moooore
my DA is
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    yo yoyoyoy
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November 18th, 2013
csdjkgvfjkbksb I loved this so much!
@kitty!: Your style is really cool, and omg such cute characters already cannot wait to read more!!!!

lol I am glad you had good Valentines~~ oooo you make out niiice~~

OMG I do the same thing with my dad I would never let him see some stuff that I draw, and it does not help that he is homophobic either XD
So that is why he enjoys plants right? That was a a beautiful side story")
are you gonna continue this manga it's really great and im a huuuge fan of it!
May 20th, 2012
ahh im totally in love with this manga!!!
you know what would be funny if you like make them do cuute or cool k-pop dances or something.^^ Love thestory so far, and good luck on your test.
hahaha this is really cuute I like it^^
i really like your comic it's very nice^^
January 11th, 2011
hahaha i love this comic!
lol...that was funny^^
aww iwanty morey lol, i like this comic alot its grrreat:)
July 28th, 2010
wow this comic is just stunning and funny^^
NNOOOO!!!! write more please!!
omg i love this comic!!!
awww u got to continue lassyD: this is my favourite comic and i was getting into it!!! but i love it!!!