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Well, it seems I'm 15 days late.
I speak Portuguese.
Well, it's here.
What to say?

Experimental Megaman
This tournament is going to take forever...
@Sagat the Tiger

...Such a bad fame we have...
I wanted to take this out of the way, that crowded room was a real bother.
Alia read minds, I tell you.
@Sagat: I was not even an author at G.U.N Application, what are you saying :-|
Nice sprites Sagat, now GMC? I should continue from the script you sent me MARCH now?
@Sagat the Tiger: copafire is responsible for the next page.
Oh, he has a braid.
March 29th, 2012
What would happen if Megaman got back from the dead and began searching for vengence?
I can relate to the disappointment, getting coconut when waiting for chocolate.

That aside, happy birthday.
He is Iron Man, and if I remember well, he's rich, so he can do these things.

Y'know, screwing the rules.
Too tired to care I see...

You've read Percy Jackson, yet you don't know the one in the right?
"Damn kids and their crazy vampire fetishes..."

Now that's a quotable dialogue.
December 1st, 2011
I think he's tricking Mr.Yellow.
This is been around since September and only this of fans?
This underrating angers me.
Keep the good job!
In the same day I finish to watch Wolf's Rain I find this. It's destiny.
...Time for a trip through the archives.