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@The T.C.: I dunno, I trained my roommate's cat to jump thru a hoop. Two of mine knows high five. And all four of my cats sit on command. It just takes time, trust, patience, and treats/motivation. Understanding when they want to train and when they are done. Knowing a cat's body basic body language, all this helps to train your cat properly. It can be done!
Malon's face in panel three is very pretty! Same for Serenity in the last panel.
Your fire looks great as usual. Love the lighting on Serenity in that panel.
*hugs pillow in fear* D:
What a douche bag. :/
panel five, love Serenity's side view, very nicely done
love the panel flow here
Snarky Link strikes again!
shiiiiirtless for as long as possible (whispers) thank you
Looks like we got a mystery on our hands gang!
can't wait to see more. take your time!