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Intrepid Hunters
Well, I'm the cancer running through your veins,
I am the sweat dripping down the side of your face,
And I am the pain, in the back of your legs, it makes you fall to you knees it makes you believe,
I am the headline, that's going to make front page news,
I am the fashion that you're all into.

We had to try something different,
And we had to try something new,
We had to make some heads turn,
And we had to put this to you.

I am the rumour on everyone's lips,
I am the curse on your girlfriend's hips,
We are the different, so we'll make a start,
Telle all your friends and sound the alarm.

(You Me At Six - The Rumour / "Take Off Your Colors" [2008])

Illustrations of Intrepid Hunters :
@YaoiGirl09: Ahah yeah and in france it's 16 I think... Anyway it was just a joke ;)
@YaoiGirl09: Ed Sheeran is like the biggest new british artist ! He won about 4 Brit Awards, writes for the One Direction, sings, plays the guitar, raps, beat-boxes. And he's red hair !

So basically he rocks ! ;) Look him up !

I'll never ever let you down !
Wouhou ! Page 4 ! My, we're taking so long to post something... we're so sorry about that, but Flo has a new computer and that's not easy for her to find her marks. But don't worry, we'll do everything to do our work well ;)

Btw, we're in love with Ed Sheeran, so don't worry about the title... That man is just AWESOME.
We know, it's been a long time since we last posted, but we had news, and not only good ones, and we're working, and stuff so...

Hope you'll enjoy the new page ! Thanks for sticking with us ! We love you xx

New page really soon ! (for real this time I swear)

Peace !
New Page !
Hope you'll like it :)

I CAN LOVE YOU MORE THAN THIS ! (my new job made me LOVE 1D, sorry for the ones who dislike them)

Chapter FOUR !
(c) Nine in the Afternoon - Panic at the Disco!

Here we go, the chapter 3 is closed, chapter 4 is OPEN ! Welcome to Kabukichô, at Makio's. Isn't it great ?

We hope that you'll enjoy it ;)

Chapter four starting soon :)

Hope you enjoyed chapter three !

@YaoiGirl09: Thank you babe ;) new page soon !! Bed time for us, have a good evening/day, depends on what time it is at your place ;) xx
New page !
Here's the new page, hope you'll enjoy it :)

Just want to clarify something, cause two fans has left today. So, first thing : there's no rape, no sorry, and there will not be any rape in Intrepid Hunters cause we are not SICK. It does not turn us on. Sorry about that.
Secondly, there won't be any sex scene just to have a sex scene any soon. We already said that, we have a PLOT, sorry about that again. Kenshi is NOT going to have sex with Makio right now EVEN THOUGH HE IS GRABING HIS HAND. The guy just got nearly rape, so as we like to "keep it real" as much as we can, well we don't think he's quite ready to sleep with the first one coming.

Thanks again for all the people that are sticking with us and who enjoy Intrepid Hunters. If you think of leaving our fan list for any reason above, do not bother to comment, cause we don't quite care. BUT IF YOU ARE LEAVING FOR ANY OTHER REASON, please, TELL US. It's really important to us, cause we are not professionals and we think the public knows better about what it expects.

New page as soon as possible babes ;)


(BTW, I'm going to London to interview Mindless Behaviour. THOMBS UP ahahah)
@YaoiGirl09: Hehe, it's in the title, "We love Necks" :p
It's fine don't worry, now you're back so... <3
New portrait, Gen's one.

By the way, we shall post a new page tomorrow, or in a couple of days. Sorry we're not posting tonight, it's not ready yet and Floriane has to draw stuff for her portfolio too (yeah, we need money ahah)

I got a new job btw ;), a website for teen fans, talking about One Direction, Bieber, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Pretty Little Liars and stuff, and as I'm gonna do interviews, it shall be fun ;) I'll send you links if there's anything interresting !

So new page really soon, promise. Chapter three's nearly over by the way :) Hope you'll like the portrait ;)

Thanks for yout support ! xoxo

Hi there !
2 more fans since yesterday, so welcome to them ! A new illustration to thank you all, you're so great, we love you ! ;)
...the new page !

New page as soon as possible ;)

Enjoy this one and feel free to comment as much as you like :p

Welcome to the new fans btw :)

@krissymonett: Héhé well don't miss the page tonight and you might find out =P

(BTW, is your pic Mokudo Kuduro ?... Cause it rocks ! ahah)
Guys check out Roland Garros, tomorrow is a HELL OF DAY :p

Enjoy the page ! New one tomorrow too ;)
Chapter three's nearly over you guys !

We have problems with our computers so it takes a while for us to get the pages ready BUT we have a couple ready already so we will post another page tomorrow :)

Thanks for sticking with us !

Troubles, troubles, troubles.

Sorry again !
So sorry you guys, we take forever but we've had so much work lately.

New page coming as soon as its ready !

Keep sticking with us, suspens is going SO HIGH !
So sorry for the delay you guys, we've been having SO MUCH work lately.

Floriane hardly has time to draw and she has to draw for my magazines too, so it's getting harsh to keep up with Intrepid Hunters.

BUT I'm nearly done with school - though I'd have to work afterwards LOL - but Floriane's on holiday for 9 days so luckily she'll have time to draw and I'll have time to translate :)

Thanks for stayin' here with us, and welcome to all the new fans, we're so glad to count you guys among us !

Keep sticking with us, great moment's coming up... ;) the proper plot is about to start whouuuuhouuu