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Holy Snapple- This is amazing! *jaw hits floor*
It was me!
@kitsune fire: Hey Kitsune :3 It was me. I was the secret santa! I'm glad you liked my gift. You ARE hard to find info on. ;p I had to scour your Youtube AND your deviantart to find what I did. Anyway, yep. Merry Christmas past. :)
Homestuck AND My Little Pony! Awesome picture. :) Also very well done!
The adorableness! I can't take it! *keels over from a cute attack*
Love this style! :)
Oh my goodness! If only somebody would get me Harry Potter-In-A-Box! Whoever made this, I LOVE it! Thank you so much! (And between you and I, I might accept it anyway, even if it is a might illegal ;D)
Don't cry Nidoqueen! You can always adopt!
Ahahahaha! My bad! I can see them as wedding rings too. You can tell that my life as a high school senior as had the expected effect on my mind. X3
Loving how the "stones" Are like "sex" or something similar X3 His reaction is the best!
Pokemon Snap has alot of swimming sandshrew and sandslash, for all you 90's kids out there ;D
Cant wait to see what sandshrew will do with herself. Btw~ comment virginity!
You rock! Whoo hoo!
Just found your comic today, and as a fan of pokemon from the OLD DAYS(pokemon Yellow) I have to say it's nice to see someone focus on the originals! Anyway, awesome comic, awesome art, and the storylines are freakin amazing! You have a new permanent fan ~ Keep it up!
I finally get to post near the top! This comic page made me feel so sad for Charmander. Pick him up Atty!!! Carry the poor cutie!
Applekai13 from SJ
Pokemon Snap is one of those games that is too good for a sequel. If they tried it, they would ruin it. (Secretly reeeaaaly hope they make a sequal.)

BTW: First time poster- I LOVE your comic Holy! It is the highlight of my day when an update appears. Besides, this is how the real pokemon show should be. ;)
Love this sketch :) It was a blast working on it!!
This looks really cool!
Trenton_dawn, I am in LOVE with how you colored this!! I can't beleive how wonderful everything is, and you even have the rainbow reflecting colors like they would :D
I am SO sorry that took so long!! For anyone who wonders, I started this comic without a buffer, meaning I do pages and upload them as I finish. @.@ Until summer, I don't have time to work on a buffer, so I am trying my best.

Hope my slow uploads don't ruin the comic for you all :)
This effect is so cool! It's almost if I had on 3d glasses, then it would pop off the page! Love what you did with it!
I love this! The two people remind me of Charlie brown and his friend XD Where she would move the ball when he tried to kick it.