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Pleasantly Demonic
I definitely love how the color turned out, though I liked the black and white, too. They both look amazing ^^
holy cheese! this comic is the coolest thing since jesus. you officially have a new fan who is putting you at the top of her favorites list. amazing work!!
HOMG, your comic just got that much cooler, and it was already beyond awesome ^_^
Great job on the blue tones, I love how they turned out ^^
Ok, I love this page, but the second view of Drake in the middle panel creeps me out, it sorta looks like you blended two perspectives of his face.... but I love the rest ^_^
The dragon is awesome, and I love the Pheonix! The colors are amazing, nice job!
Love the fish... better than I could ever do. And I absolutely love it.... been reading on and off between writing this stupid paper...grr... but, uh, you have beter instead of better ^_^
whee! ^^ this just gets better and better. i love!!
Wow, I love your comic, I have been sitting here trying to catch up... ^_^ but there's just one small correction... you have "what what's" there at the top...