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I'm a person.

Also, I won't be using this account anymore.

I'll be on this one

Good day, sir.
Good lord, I am so glad it was a dream. Hopefully. xD
@RazorD9: Ahaha, I felt like a fossil immediately after I left my teens.

Happy birthday, H0ly. :>
November 27th, 2013
@RandomFan :): I don't want him to leave at all. q.q Ever.
@k-la-kinz69: I'm not really sure where Lucky's mind is usually at in general. xD But it's definitely something he wasn't expecting.
I'm sure his reaction will be magical.
@k-la-kinz69: Perhaps it was because of how time was condensed to fit into a comic? I'm not sure.
I think one thing that kind of threw me off to begin with was that Lucky couldn't seem to choose whether he cared about Oliver or not. But I guess that's on Lucky's end, and this kiss is clearly all Oliver's idea. Maybe I'm just over speculating. xD
And don't get me wrong. I like this a lot. I just got a strange feeling with the pace.
@Eternal Cry: Yeah, I suppose rushed is a good word for it lol.
I knew this was a BL and kind of saw it coming but it just feels out of place.
I feel like the only reader who has found this entire recent chain of events kind of... I don't really know how to explain it. And yet I like it.
I like it a lot.
I actually like the colors quite a bit. :> Whatever is easiest for you is fine though.
So pretty. ;u;
Even if you say it was lazily done, it looks fantastic. :<
Jacob needs some lovin'. ;n; Poor baby. Also, happy belated birthday. D; I thought I said that on the previous page but apparently I imagined it lol.
This was also one of the very first webcomics I've read. Although that was only about 3 years ago. I'm sad that it's ending, but it's nice that it came to an ending as pleasant as this.
Looking forward to These Tumbling Times and Sunfall and any other future projects you may work on! :>
Now jump into your man's arms and tell Tomo you're not the woman for him! D:<
Wait, so what happened to that guy they were tied up with? Did he jump in? o_O
ILSDHFODFSIHI90WU4;IDHFGDFKG An updaaaaate. Yessssss.
I've missed this so much. ;o; Please tell me you're baaack.
Oh dear.
Go Tomofumi. xD
Poor Atsushi is just being sexually assaulted left and right lol.
I'm sorry you're going through such a rough time. ;n; No need to be sorry for not updating often. It's completely understandable. You and your well-being come first.
Also, poor Tomofumi. Such an awkward situation. xD
Kind of hoping Takeshi just waltzes in on this. That'd be fun.
May 11th, 2013
I think the sketchy style suits this quite well. ;o
Loving the paneling on this page.
I'm sorry to hear about this, but it's for the best. ;n; There's no need to continue something for us that's hurting you.
I understand the feeling of wanting to continue something for someone else, even though it's painful for me to do. But remember that we put you first. Your happiness means more to us than the continuation of the comic. So for me, it's good to see that you can move on, even if I'm sad that the comic will go.
I look forward to anything you may do in the future. ;3;