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is a lousy comic page updater.
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it's time for chapter ONE! wooot!
so, im back! The Phillipines was fun; i met many people, ate many foods. i had fun, BUT now i'm here so that means i can start updating- well... uhh... no. i don't have any pages. Uh, i flew back home last week, and when i got here, all i wanted to do all day was sleep. soon one day turned into a week, and now... i still don't have any pages done (sorry). To make it up, here's something i drew in March. It's Tellie's room (if you didn't notice). uhhh... maybe this won't really make up the missing pages, so i'll just start the pages now. hopefully i'll post them by Friday. C:
yeah, this is last minute. im going to the philipines for three weeks, so probably wont be as active (not like i was as active before). anywho, dont give up on me! im not dead, im just gonna be absent for a while. see ya in june!
that's all i have to say.
i must admit,I HATE COLORING TREES. I'm fine drawing them, its just trees become so stubborn when i color them! all the flipping details i have to do for each individual leaf. FUAHHH.... but the rest of the page was more fun. I'm just happy that i didn't have to write any dialogue for this page. enjoy!
school just ended yesterday, so now i can actually focus a little more time on posting more pages! WHOOP!
April 15th, 2012
Sadly, I didn't have fun on this page, as well as the next page. the panels are thinner because the printer wasn't cooperating with me when i tried to scan both pages. I also had to do the lineart on SAI, so it may look a little funny. oh welp...
what can i say. my new year's resolution is to post at least chapter one of OT. i know i'm lowering my standards, but i wanna at least complete something in my life, even if it means a chapter.

have a happy new years people C:
omg, so i stumbled upon your comic and i LOVE it! its's so cute and i love your art style!! im now a fan!

keep it up!!
uh, can't he just run right into the forest?
Right now, I'm inking/ coloring the very first chapter. That's why it seemed that i flaked on this comic.I'm actually going to try update when i can.

bear with me, please! I'm actually going to try to finish something in my life for once!
yay, an animation! it's so cute!
best part

this page totally cracked me up so much! i was actually expecting them to chloroform him or something! This page was hilarious! XD
Just posting some art fillers before starting the comic (again).

WHAT!? stupid girl, doesn't she know that jellyfish are dangerously poisonous?

Well, this is Tellie May and her friend watching a 3D movie... about jellyfish. but you dont really see a movie that 3D anyways... oh well.

i bet they look really silly if they took of their glasses.
i like her already, she's very cute! i hope this becomes a success!
September 28th, 2010
the cage-o-death whip
i just love her costume and her cage-o-death whip! 8D

i dont know why, but she reminds me of Sheik... lol!
congrats on the +500 fans!
i love your coloring! it makes me want to foam in my mouth

a 4th page!!
my god i love this page!
i vote for Mickey talking to the TOASTER! XDDD