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Born in a little village in little Holland, this female artist dreams to make her comic projects come to live and to give a smile on people's faces with her work.
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    M.S. Pol
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Wanna help me to keep this comic going? Then you can support me here:

Wanna help me to keep this comic going? Then you can support me here:

Wanna help me to keep this comic going? Then you can support me here:

@otromuerto: Yes. You can find them in my Lulu store. You can find the link above.
Wanna help me to keep this comic going? Then you can support me here:

And we finally continue!

If things go well, there'll be 2 updates a week on Monday and Thursday!

If you wanna help me keep this comic going, you can support me here:
Finally! We're back! Sorry for the long wait, everyone!

I don't really have a reason why Yani's sad. I just wanted to draw Cage comforting her. You can think of one yourself.

Next one will be a funny one!
This staring contest was inspired by the Intimacy Staring Challenge video by Raven Navera ( - Also check out Raven, she makes lovely videos). The challenge is a couple stare at each other for 4 minutes and I wanted to draw Cage and Yani doing it.
And here's the winner of the last story poll! The staring contest. Or was it a staring contest?

Next update will be the rematch.
It was such a close second, so I drew the second place winner from the first poll too! Next one is the winner of the recent poll!
And here's the winner of the poll! Previously known as "Best Way To Wake Up". I thought this title fitted better.

AND there's a new poll now on my twitter! Help me decide what to draw next!
How to compliment 101 by Cage.

And the Rain series has come to an end! Next story will be the one you all voted for!
@Vanneza2006: I am playing with that idea, but I don't have a concrete storyline yet.
One more part and the Rain series is finished.

But what story to do next? Help me decide! Go to my twitter and check out my pinned tweet, where I've placed a poll with 4 story ideas! Maybe your pick will be drawn next!
@CAMLOST: Thank you ^w^
Almost slip of the tongue there.

PS. I've started a new comic, a fantasy called "Where The Giants Roar". 8
Cage's favorite weather is rain.
They're here! The entire series is now available as ebook and print! The series can be bought in two books or one big omnibus with lots of sketches, art and much more!

They can be found on Lulu.

NOTE: The print version is in GREYSCALE! So all illustrations are in greyscale. For color illustrations, go to the ebooks.

Thank you all for reading and loving this series and making this possible!
Cage and Yani have a very active life between the sheets.

It may be a bit weird to say, but I find it important to show that Cage and Yani have an active sex life, cause of not only that it's said that fat people romantically undesirable, but also sexually.

Seems more like that the people saying such things don't know how to have proper sex.
@otromuerto: No, dude, you don't have to take that too literally! It just looks funny, cause in my head I read it as "yesyesyesyes" which I find absolutely hilarious XD
I bet there are also some words in other languages that mean something completely different in yours.

Thanks for reading and enjoying it. More is surely coming. Of Cage and Yani and I am working on a new series ^^