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Here, Latoya is voicing my thoughts towards sex ed. Some are so messed up. Mostly American's I keep hearing about.
Sorry, America, but from what I hear, your sex ed system is the most fucked up in the entire world. (so much second hand embarrassment when reading stories of teens/people completely lost about safe sex and stuff, cause of sucky or no sex ed at all).
Here in the Netherlands it isn't perfect either, but still a lot better of what happens all over there across the ocean.

And it's not really a matter of life or death, but it is advised to pee after sex to prevent bladder infections. And if you have to go, do go. Holding it isn't good no matter what the situation is.
I am kinda using Latoya here to vent my opinions about sex. Here, about slutshaming

Who cares if someone had sex with a hundred various people or is even still a virgin? Okay, that last one is not really slutshaming, but there's also a lot of "virgin shaming" going on. That people still being a virgin after a certain age are losers and stuff. Who cares?

Concerning the slutshaming, I only care about this: Is it done safe? Was there full consent of all parties? Did everyone had a great time? Yes? Then cool.
No need to answer me all of these questions straight away, but I only give a shit about someone's sex life if I hear there is/was a threat to someone's health, mentally and/or physically.

What people do or do not do between the sheets is no one's business. May it be tame, kinky, done with one person or an entire orgy or that you haven't done anything at all. Just why are people so obsessed in someone's sex life? Even a stranger's one? Are you jealous or something? That's fucked up.
Real friends know each other's dirty secrets.
If there's one thing that annoys me about the entire sex thing is that there's this supposed "deadline" of when people should lose their virginity or when you should have sex in a relationship (rolling my eyes at all those college/university movies where this entire sex deadline is the main plot).

As long as all parties are of legal age, have given consent and are comfortable with it, AND are well aware of possible consequences after the deed, then go ahead and have some nice sex. May it be on the first date, a one-night-stand or even when you're in your forties and save yourself for that special someone. It's your body, your rules. Not society's.
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Always good to hear that your future in-laws like you.
Always take precautions when you're going to have sex.
What? You didn't actually think they'd do it without condoms, did you?
What kind of safe sex comic would this be then?
Everyone has stretchmarks.
Are you curious how I make these pages?

Click the link below to see how I've inked this page:
We're back!
@JabJaz: Aawww, thank you for loving it so much ^^

It is my goal to finish Step 4 and 5 this year and with that the official planned chapters. Then I can make the second book and even an omnibus.
I am atm in a busy moment with life with work and school, I hope to get out soon and have some free time again to make new pages.
Sorry, no new pages, but I can give you this Valentine's pic.

Inspired by Disney's Bambi's twitterpated scene.
Ever heard of it? No? Well here it is: