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I'm a workoholoic who loves to draw.
And done. More to come later, but today I'm finished
Tonight I'm upload 2 pages. I lost my monitor and am currently using my T.V screen. So I hope my proportions aren't too askew. I'm scared to color them in. I'll trst it out next weekend.
Well stick around another page will be up in about an hours or so
@ZHODY the delfinator:
It should be under the rating stars
And thank you :)
Lmao. Thank you very much, I'm working on the next page now, and will try to post it before I visit Pennsylvainia for vacation.
When I read this comment I was like "Finally someone noticed and asked".
Yes red eyes are very important in this story, and very dangerous. Red eyes mean, these sheep are no longer who they were.
Summer is coming and job pays me shit, so have to wait befor I can be a donor again :(
Is that better?
I cam't really tell for sure, because I'm uploading this via phone
This comic is not dead. Never think it's dead. I love it too much. This storyline has get out of my head and be told.
If this is not legable, then go to the tumblr link below 6yo1_400.jpg
No offense....but she kinda deserved it.
Don't kick an animal while their down.
Any more torture at this point is just wrong and abusive.
Just saying.
Ugh, one day I'm just going to go back and fix all of these. (= -=) BTW please stay tuned.
Smutty smex is making a B-line straight to your direction.
Just a fair warning to those who may forgotten that is a yaoish comic.
Lol true. Philo can be a sneaky prick sometimes. :p
Why thank you very much (0w0)
Thank you all for the views. I know that is ti difficult to believe, but when I see readers enjoying BSWS it helps me through the rough patches. This was the best coloring I could do with minimal layers, and it's been a awhile since I've colored. I miss it. Maybe I can do it again if this computer is up to the the task ans is well rested.
I've been holding onto this for 2 months. Just been really busy.
Had to make changes to my schedule for updates.
Let's see how that works.
You should uh join that thieves guild.
I have so many locks picks i made a sweater out of them.
I'm happy that you like it.
If you want to favorite any comic
Go to the comic's profile, the place where you can see the latest pages and on the right somewhere under the stats should be a star and next the star sgould say add to favorites.
Not all templates are this complicated, somelayouts will allow you to favorite the comic on the page you are viewing.
I'm no very good at changing scenes.
I'm doing research on that part.
But thanks :D
Corbin can be stubborn, but Philo can be worse than Corbin.
I love it when Ellis and Isadora are together. (^-^)
Ok, some of you may have noticed but I have setup a small donation button. I really want to make Black Sheep White Sheep better, but my job literally just pays for my cost of living there is nothing left over to invest into the comic. That is if you feel like donating.
My first goal is to get a computer to work on, it can be new or used. I don't care I just need it to work.well, til later.
Crazy cute ;)