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Guess who finally caught up~! uvu;; Anways I'm really excited how things will continue.
hey my theory wasn't that wrong :D
... with Noemi? :D
(It'd be like bridget Jones)
I'm actually very impressed :D Noemi Holmes!
Chris. Uh. Look what you did. I am very upset with you, Mister. :I

I just want to hug Jimmy right now D':
*curls up in corner and cries*
I never felt my heart cringe more literally while reading something.
Seriously, I won't even put a smiley here because I mean this so seriously.
*stares at page in awe*
See Chris there's going to be drama soon. I hope you feel bad.
(He has a lovely expression in the last panel though...)
Paiiggeeee <33
She makes up vor Chris' obliviousness c:
Chris is driving my crazy right now ;A; Why is he so... in denial? D':
Chris stop bing confused :'c You'll hurt everyone!
Thanks for all your afford to update even though you're sick ;)
Chris I know she's pretty, but you can't. Ok? Just no. Stop trying to be heterosexual :v
Love Cat's face in the second panel though!
She's so beautiful *_*
I must take one minite to let you know that I love you and your webcomic C: ♥ sorry for teh lack of comments. :(
Jimmyyy *o* This looks so good! <33
Chris. What. are. you. doing.
I'm not totally agains any female character but this... why is he doig this?? //sob
She's a living nightmare, I'm into that! >8D I demand more of her!
oh well in this case... if she doesn't flirt with Jimmy I might like her... >83
Pff Noemi XD I'm still a bit afraid of who this is but everything will be ok,, right? ó_o
I can colour a page for you too if you want! :3
Well Chris you will understand this sooner or later. Just kiss him for now.
I'm not sure how I feel about the blond Lady :o

& Yes I DO think so ;)