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I assumed that he died of lung cancer
Final words
"Warranty expired."
Guess the reference
Ball Man-"It's taken me since the First Robot Tournament to stop rolling. WHY did I think returning to it was a good idea?!"
Yeaa...tentacle rape will make anyone Maverick
The computer downloaded every bad fanfic into his head
Vector somehow became aware that he was part of a video game universe,and the fact he was pixels and data instead of flesh and blood broke his mind
Then that would mean Zero would be thousands of years old...

Could you put a timeline of things,with the devestation of Chaos 4000 years ago being 0AE(after echidna)
Impressive physique Sigma.Must be why the Mavericks were loyal to you
In this timeline,where does Megaman,Dr Wily and Dr Light fit in?My thoughts is some time after Robotnik died,the two scientists used his technology to create the Robot Masters
Who knew Team Rocket were Kryptonians!That or their disguises are so bad they loop back to being good

The reason Jessie joined TR is after her mother vanished looking for Mew,she became poor and an outcast,which led her to TR HQ.
@Arch541:At least its practical.Weil just kept the Guardian's personality because he's a sadistic sociopath who likes to boss people around against their will.And I have a feeling that'll be his undoing
22.Eggman is secretly a casanova able to attract women despite his obesity
23.Someone with a moustache fetish
24.Someone with a fat guy fetish
25.He used to be a porn star
26.Your mom
@ OmegaSonic:
1.He could have donated sperm.Regardless of who its from,supergenius encoded in the DNA would be useful
2.A prostitute
3.When Eggman wasn't so fat
4.With someone as fat as Eggman
5.Getting drunk
6.Eggman is a ladies man
Even if it is porn,he's got nothing to...use
Eggman said that Solaris would consume all timelines and time itself before turning into nothingness.So its a fate worse than death vs all of time being eaten by a psychotic sun god
@StarMario777 & ChaosSonic777:Actually,I forgot.But remember-While Mephiles was just as sadistic and calculating as Weil,if he sucseeded in his goal everyone in the universe would die.

Weil was going to make Hell on Earth,essentially.If he sucseeded,the world would be downtrodden to the point people wished Mephiles would come along and end their lives.

Mephiles wanted death to everyone for his enjoyment.Weil wants Hell on Earth for his enjoyment.So we've got death versus a fate worse than death.Yeah,I think Weil beats Mephiles in sheer evil
I'd trust even Sigma over this guy.Sure he's trying to kill all humans,but at least he's not sadistic

Really,Weil is the evillest character of both the Megaman and Sonic universes(the gameverse,though his cruelty rivals that of SaTAM Robotnik).Unlike Wily and Eggman/the Nocturnus/Erazor Dijin who just wants to rule the world,or Sigma/Black Doom/arguably Virus Wily who wants to kill off mankind,Weil isn't like that

No,he wants to make Earth into even more of a wasteland and rule eternally so his subjects live a fate worse than death!

And the reasoning he uses for this falls flat on its face-because they made him walk the barren wastelands that he himself caused when he wiped out most sentient life on the planet.Even worse,the very seeds that set that in motion was attempting to wipe out/enslave reploidkind.

The only possible way this guy could get even the faintest iota of sympathy is if the Maverick Wars screwed his perception up.Although its far more likely this man was born a sociopath and made his way up to complete monster

And yet,somehow,the hatred that one should feel for him loops back into intrest and enjoyment.We both love to see his irredeemable actions and want him dead for them.An intresting dichotimy
Weil tells the truth-by that I mean his definition of "safety" is keeping people alive(their quality of life depends on how sadistic he is in the morning)
If every planet in the universe exiles you,you go to another universe.Although knowing Nack,the multiverse would see him as a fugitive
They're back,but so many questions aren't answered.How did they survive?Why are they working with the New Evil Scientists?When and how will they betray them?Will Metal Sonic be able to tolerate the fact Weil could be eviler than him(in the fact that it's his programming's fault that he's evil,but Weil doesn't have one.He's just a naturally born sadist)