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EZWheels; You just took all the fun out of the next page's contest :[
Lots of headshots.. Sorry :|

But WHAT is that mysterious THING?

Oh; and be the first to join me at my Manga Art Community forum ~! MANGAMINDS.
Yes; this took me an hour.
Yes; This took me a month.
Last one


And i DO hope you can read my handwriting ^^

(Typesetting is so troublesome :3)
I wanna make up for the past weeks; so I'm drawing as
much as possible now that I've got some time ^^

You guys still don't mind the sudden quality change? :[
Why yess
Why yes ! Some of the first pages will be uploaded as a webcomic to see if people like it. Look forward to it ! It's gonna be awesome and completely different from nao chronicles ^^
Still Shitty Quality
I just ; I just; I haven't got the time !

I need to SLEEP during the day, I need to go to school
during the day, I need to read a book EACH week, I need
to focus on school, I need to draw things for my portfolio for my game art entrance exam, I need to do LOTS of things.

.. But I still love NC :\
Sorry Guys
I don't have time ! No time at all!

Me and my friend started up this doujinshi circle; and
our first deadline is in 3andahalf months; which means
(being the only artist for now) I have to draw 60 pages
fully toned and all by then.

I'll keep working on nao chronicles; but this'll be the
quality you'll get..

If you really hate it like this; I might reconsider it, and upload slowly but pretty again.

If you are okay with shitty quality; please let me know, i won't feel as bad for neglecting my first comic ever :[
December 25th, 2010
Lalala; two more to go =D
Because it took me THIS long to update again, I decided
to do something back ^^ A fully colored page; just for
you, my lovely fans =D. Now you finally know what they
look like in color XD Which is weird for me too!

I hope you like the page 8D The coming ones will have
more reading material; so look forward to some NAMES =D

.. haha... :|

I'm so sorry 8D
November 20th, 2010
Little late .. (a week -.-) I'm so sorry,
and I'm also sorry for what's about to happen,
all this suspense XD

Also; I've always wondered how fish pokemon
fight on dry land and all ^^" And I always thought...
They just don't~!
.. sorry
This page certainly isn't worth the wait, so I'm sorry :[

Just wondering; Do you prefer action over amazing dept history stories? or do you not?

And who is in for another mini event? :3
Parallel Pages
I call them the parallel pages ~!

Anyhoo; Tonight I'll be flying to Egypt ~! Yayyy Vacation =D, so I figured I should make a page before I leave; and here it is :3

I've got a question though; What do think of these detailed (..p.p) backgrounds? They take a lot of time and i'm not sure about them :\

and I finished last weeks winner sketch commission!!
Check it out at my doodle blog ^^" (which isn't that ol d yet :P)

Also; Should I organize more of these events? or did you think it was lame?

Lots of questions :\
LOL Then you are a lucky winner XD
YES YES While editing you gave the right answerrrr ~!
No it's not a fifth generation.. as the hint says.. it's a fourth generation pokemon ^^"

One more wrong guess and I'm gonna give another hint o.o
Someone already guessed eevee; and it's not XD
Nope and Nope..

I have to admit;; after looking at the shadowy shape a few time; It doesn't look like Samantha exactily XD hahaha ~! So.. keep on guessing =P
Nope, Nope and Nope~! XD