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i am a crazed up otaku who lives to draw. that's what i do all day everyday to the point that i start to neglect all of my studies while attending college. es not a good idea, not recommended. anyways, i have a bunch of stories, several of which i'm in the process of comicing so be on the look out. i'm still perfecting my style and it usually changes from comic to comic because doing the same thing over and over just irks me to no end. so look for my name Rabbs and you'll know. enjoy whatever it is i post. also, i am up for arting new stories. go ahead and feel free to e-mail or whatever.
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I'm so sorry to do this, but I'm literally moving from one country to another and I won't be able to update until I get back to the States, which won't be for at least a month. I will have a new post ready and up on August 14.
I'm so sorry everyone. It just seems like I'm getting busier and busier. Work is really starting to pick up, which is good thing, but it's bad for my comic. It also doesn't help that I will be moving in about a month so I'm desperately trying to prepare for that. In the meantime I will try to be more on top of updating this comic. However, I'll have to change it from being updated every Thursday to every other Thursday.
@MinamiKou: Sorry, I've been super busy with my work. I'll try and finish up the next page this week and get started on the next. Hold tight for just a little longer.
I don't know why I keep forgetting to post on Thursdays, but I do. Sorry for the delay. I will try to have the next page done by next Thursday. I'm just excited that I'm almost done with the first chapter. Woot! First chapter almost down. Twenty more chapters to follow.
I thought I would add one more page. I feel bad because of my mistake last week and it's almost like you didn't get a new page at all. Since I'm a little ahead of schedule I decided to surprise you with yet another page of comic. Enjoy and please tell me your thoughts of what you think of the comic so far.
Ah, the vice principal. She's one of the fun characters to have around. Make sure you read the previous comic page. There was a mix up and I added this a week too early and forgot to add the last page, but now that is fixed.
Whoops. I accidentally added the wrong page last week. I jumped ahead a page, but now it's corrected. Here is the new page for last week.
I'm so sorry for being so late with this page. I had full intentions of uploading yesterday, but my mind was so occupied on things I had to do today that I completely forgot about updating the comic yesterday. I hope this page was worth the wait.
Sorry about the late update. I'm getting caught up with some other things in my life, namely my job. I'm a teacher and a graphic designer and it kind of leaves me swamped with lesson making and the endless requests for designs my job seems to have. I wasn't even hired to be the graphic designer, but that doesn't mean they don't take advantage of me. Good thing this job pays well. So I slammed this comic page out as quickly as possible, but that left some sloppy detailing and even less background detail than usual. Please enjoy.
Interesting fact, this new character was not in the original storyboard. I added her, just because I was bored.
I know this seems totally ridiculous, but with everything going on in my life right now, I sometimes totally forget I have this comic. I hope that I can keep up with weekly updates. Please be patient with me I will try to update every Thursday.
Wow, he gets dressed fast.
I think I finally fixed the page size.
Hooray! I love this comic and am excited to see more updates!
August 3rd, 2012
I've missed this comic so much!
Too bad. I love this comic, but if that's what you're going for you could also go with.
"You're pretty handsome today."
"I mean really handsome. Just like I'm really lying." Love this comic. Can't wait to see more.
Oh, my gosh! Congratulations! I love this comic and am always so impatient for it to come out every week. Please keep up the amazingly entertaining work. And good luck at komikon. Here in america it's called "comicon." And someday, I'll go to it!
Actually, the ironic thing is that hippo sweat is pink. Wonder if he just mixed it up?