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Thanks a bunch for those kind words. Feedback like that really helps.

I shouldn't have to redo pages ever again because I have Corel doing autosaves periodically and It works well.
Sorry for the delay in an update. This page took me much longer due to a 'glitch' that caused the file to corrupt (as I was almost done). The page had to be restarted as it could not be recovered (even checked with Corel experts). The fishing bag hanging off the chair in the first panel was based on a bag my dad used to have (probably still has it actually).

Thanks for your patience and on to the next page.
Finally done!! This page was alot of fun. There's things I've done on this page with lighting that I never attempted before. On to the next page.
I had fun with this one. Would have liked even more chaos in the first panel but i have to finish these pages at some point. It's taking over a week per page as it is.
Well Done
Like the painting on the wall and the plant. Nice detail.
Love the dialog too.
Love it
I really like what you're doing with this. It's right up my alley. I'll be checking in on your updates, a great story so far.
April 26th, 2010
I like it, I like it
This is really good stuff. I'll be checking back again to see more.
Because it's nice to hang out by a fire pit
Nice to see some colour
I enjoy seeing a story in full colour. Too much stuff out there is black and white. I know it's much more work but as this story prooves, it's really worth it. keep up the great work.
Wow you are harsh! but I appreciate comments very much so I can't complain.

Compared to others, I know my characters lack in detail but my new story will be avoiding too many close up shots.

Thank you very much for your honesty.
Their was five trips from the limosine where the driver carried in all the luggage but I skipped that scene