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you should write some sequels to this! ;o;
I love these characters! <3
or at least do some mini comics for us loving fans? <3
I love Haru's mom.. <3 xD
this made me giggle so much. <3
and aah. i fell so behind on reading this with school. ;3;
I can't believe I missed so much cuteness for so long!
awh.. poor haru. XD <3
i do not like your cliff hangers! ;o;!
lol taka's seme should be haru's cousin, lol.
and omg, cookie.. XD he's so excited to know.
omgggg. you should so do a side story for takaaaaa~ <3
h-haru, those sparkles are starting to get creepy! ;o;''
l-lol aren't they at school? bad haru. he's gonna get them in trouble. <3
HELL YES FS SEQUAL. <3 //fangasm
Haru's face... XD
l-lol so there's no way he'll end up in the right room... SO WHERE'S HE GONNA END UP? >3 <3
lol so much for seducing him.. xD
LOLOLOL. poor Mac. xD
l-lol i officially love his mum xD
dude, after reading that i feel high and fucked up. loved it though. can't wait for the next chapter. <3