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Just another guy that loves to draw, play games, and whatnot.
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    WhiteBlade :P
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Uh oh
Looks like Omastar got the all-stat boost from Ancient Power. Silver's next Pokémon had better be prepared for the worst.
Gamer sure is doubting Silver's ability as a Trainer...greatly. I wonder if that'll make him lower his guard...
Oh, by the way, guys, the lights broke. X3
"Gamer's Corner"

...I see what you did there. X3

I kinda miss the game corners in the games...
@TheSilverLeague: Because he's/she's the fourth member of Silver's team, right? ;) I see what you did there.
@TheSilverLeague: Don't be so hard on yourself, dude. We all make boo-boo's.
@TheSilverLeague: I don't see the fix yet. It still says "then" and not "them".
Uh oh
Tails, git outta there!
Knux, U a baaaaaad liar, son.
...Wasn't Tails wearing pants before?
Stone Edge and Focus "Miss"...well, missed, didn't they?
Clearly this guy plays for keeps...even if the keeps is taken, so to speak. the sky supposed to be white?
Focus Miss? ...Somehow, I smell a rat, and it ain't a Ratatta.
That guy...
And that whole environment...

.....I don't like it now. =3=
You mentioned that referee I made in your Pixel Art Review, right? How you wanted to use him in the comic? Well, just so you know ahead of time, you can use him as much as you want!
Uh oh! I see a typo in Panel 7!