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Yay! I'm reading your comic!

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May 23rd, 2011
Pfft! 12k ain't nothing! That's just kid's money for games in the casino!

Oh, you changed your shading style! I like this style, but I'm guessing it took you a little longer.
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May 10th, 2011
Being the person that I am, I still can't trust that girl.
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April 15th, 2011
No! Don't tell me he just got a boner on that last panel?!

I love this comic so much! I get so exited every time there is an update!
I think everyone died away...
Well I died for a little while.

Anyway! I really like the line art in the comic, its so thick! I think it can be hard to use thick outlines sometimes. I'm trying to do that for my comic and its not really working out well. :I

Oh and I noticed that you forgot to add in the red strings on Regan's mouth in the second to last panel.
She has the speaking "umbrella," but does she have the bag of infinity things like Mary Poppins carries? :o
Aw, thanks. Glad that is was funny for you guys.

Yeah....I almost forgot to draw in the wings, but luckily I added them in when I was doing the sketching. XP
It looks so cute, oh and Yo's arms don't look short. If you reach out your arms into that position it reaches just around there.

Oh lol I just saw the dragon/bunny love. That sure would be a strange paring.
Sorry, I would contribute more, but I'm being so self-consciousness of my drawing lately...oh and from this lead to this
Ha, that sounds really cute Fire Glaceon.
Glad that's over! If you have any questions of the two, do ask away.
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December 14th, 2010
New York!
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October 15th, 2010
Wouldn't that old lady's mom already be dead if she's already old?
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August 21st, 2010
Desu Desu Desu
Desu Desu Desu Desu!
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August 18th, 2010
Desu Desu Desu Desu Desu Desu Desu Desu
The skin color of the demon girl changes color between the last three panels.
This just remind me of a friend of mine way too much. Way be they cousins, Question Mark?