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Welcome! I think..
True motivation right there
I thought I'd share this with you. I know it isn't a comic, but I'll still post two this week, I promise. This really is the best I can do, so there it is. It's also the first time I really ever used guidelines to create a picture.
Woop woop! Managed a second comic this week! Even though it's a bit late and I need sleep, I kept to my goal. I hope to keep making two a week until I have even more time and get slightly faster with more practice.
Act now!
Save the Wookies!!!
Even I
wouldn't want to try raising that child.
I'm trying to post up comics more often now, so whatever comes to mind will probably be quickly drawn up. I hope to make some quality strips sometime soon.
It's been a month?
I haven't done much in the last month. If you like something, heck, if you don't like something, please comment and give me something to work on. Thanks!
A quick little smash up of my previously dropped comic with this one.
Wow, it has been a long time since I've posted. If I get some good feedback, I'd post more often!
And so
It begins f*ckers. WOOT! (A.R.)
Come into my lair...
It's comfortable!!!
Ha, this comic's already faved.
Hahahaha, this idea was genius! Nice!
My front door...
His house is ruined now anyways.
Usually he would have cleanly dodged the shot.
You wan't to make a better title?!
I hate coming up with page titles. If you don't like it, then either come up with a good one yourself, or remain in torture with me.
Chief's art hand is now in effect!
This is where my Chief's drawing expertise comes in. I've drawn the last 14 pages, and the last frame here.
The First Hint of Sarcasm from Colby
*sigh* I loved coming up with this scene. You can expect more of this from Chief in the future.
Man, with the way an L.T. sounds, I would pick up all that tech too!