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I love drawing and writing stories but I work retail. I hope to finish something and get published one day.
September 23rd, 2014
It's ok, Hera. Go for it!
Aww, he's so strange, it's adorable!
Aww, so cute. :3
Aww. He's such a cute yet extremely weird person. XD
Where's Brock? Did he retire? Well, I guess if Ash has his own statue, Brock's probably long gone.
Just what a guy wants to hear.
Oh my gosh! I know what's coming! That annoying guy from the game that drags you all the way back to gym. So annoying! I can't wait to see how you draw it. :D
I see a sad face on the right side of the splattered ice cream in the last panel!
Someone's gardening at night? I feel for Atty. I was hoping they'd just go to bed. It's been a long day. -__-
Is she his cousin?
Hyrule castle and town look fantastic! Good job!
DT should grow a lot of levels for beating all the bugs in the forest.
EXACTLY, Haru. I'm glad SOMEONE sees reason. Stupid yaoi fans making my favorite characters gay. >.<
Title drop!! What'll the promise be ... ?
Massive death.
I love the new banner! So excited to see more!! <3
Catterpie's revenge .... I never thought that Pokemon could look so scary. O.o
I am so excited!! This story sounds so interesting and the artwork is amazing! I am very very very much looking forward to seeing more!
GASP!! He's so cuuute!!
I always knew Navi would turn on Link! I knew it! >.<