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I hate to do this to you guys, since I missed last week's update as well, but... Well, long story short, I got a new scanner and it's so different from my old one I can't seem to figure out how to make it scan oversized images (like, say, THE PAGES) very well. : / I beg your forgiveness as I sit here yelling at it and hoping it works eventually.
Waaah sorry this one was so late, you guys! I've been preparing for Kumoricon this weekend and it totally slipped my mind. Whoops. :c

Speaking of, I'll have the entire first chapter available as a minicomic! So if you're interested and in the area, you should come by! :D It's in Vancouver, WA this weekend! I hope to see you there. ♥
It has now been established that Andy is a magical girl.
I love her so much, oh my god x3
Ahaha GOOD! I like that Castalia's not the type of girl to run off crying, even if she might not like what she's hearing. She's charming and great that way. <3
December 15th, 2010
This whole thing was really beautiful and trippy, I love your linework! Just wanted to say dis. :D
haha cute x3
First comment yay!

Poor, poor teacher. :'3
Pifoooo x3 I knew I loved him for a reason! Such a great, dorky, charming moment! <3
Your inking is sooooo gorgeous, I am loving this so much thus far. <3
; A ;

That's about as coherent as I got.
I love this page, the last panel. The last paneeeeel.
November 20th, 2010
Hahaha I love this page. x3
November 19th, 2010
Ahahaha I love the new annoying flashing banner, too. x3
Hahaha I love this whole page so much, it's so cute and funny
Ah, kidnapped coworkers. Happens all the time.
Gfff their faces in the last panel. <3
Ouchhhhhh, harsh. x3
That last panel! <3