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I like food and Im always bored
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donated u the money cuz i just got paid
idk if it went thru tho lemme' know

i hope ur new apartment is nice and u feel better soon ;o;
loool omg I love monica already
i love all of theme ;o;
September 27th, 2013
ahhh this page is so nice
cutie patoots
awwwwww you used my commission in the first panel i feel so special
I scrolled too fast and read the bottom first and I was really confused like WHAT HAPPENED TO FEL WAIT WHAT WHERE IS SHE DID SHE DIE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

but then i scrolled up and its okay now.
awww poor babby.

Is doggy lady going to be showing up again later?? :O
flowers are always nice
I've only ever gotten chocolate :T
October 29th, 2012
Green is such a cutie patootie.
September 10th, 2012
hahaha kenno when did you change the banner for the shop its so cuteeee
September 3rd, 2012
Mugger doesnt know that there are 1500 people on the internet who love her
:0 guest strips are happening now???
omg Kenno this is so sweeeeeet!!! I knew they were adorable I didnt know they were THIS adorable. Al you big bear you
The new banner looks awesomeeeee!!! :O
al come get some hugs omg
I will be your friend
Al you sweet baby come here
that asuka poster always makes me sad
it could have been louder if you'd screamed
but its ok
I think everyone heard you anyway
fel is a kitty angel