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Thank you both very much! ;-; <3
Just a little filler of Prince Jasper and Tobey. @_@ This is more like an advanced apology that I won't be able to work on this comic as much as I'd like. In exactly one week from today, I'm going to be moving into another ( better ) apartment, so things are going to be hectic for a while.

I also want to say "Thank you!" to everyone who has supported me and favorited this comic so far! I'm really grateful to have so many fans already!
Eee, thank you my dear! <33 -hugsqueeze-

Yay! x3 He's actually quite full of himself though, haha.
Hay everyone, meet Tobey! xD I was going to wait to post this until tomorrow, but I'm going to be very busy packing ( since I'm moving in a week ), so I thought tonight would suffice.
June 15th, 2008
Thank you! >w<
Eee, thank you so much Spoonah! <33
Ahaaa, that would be awesome! xD And now that you've mentioned it, I think I'm going to end up imagining his voice as well. x] ( His voice always reminded me of older Tim Burton films for some strange reason. )

Thank you for the fav! <3
Thank you so much lels! <33

@ Koii - I know. ;o;
Thus ends the prologue! xD Now I can actually get to the whole... characters interacting part of the story. n_n;

Looking at the dead prince makes me sad. ;~;
Thank you! >w< I'm so glad you think so! <3
This page is kinda lame since there's not much drawing...ness... xD;; It's mostly my lame story-telling! 8D;
Awah, yay! Thank you Koii, I'm so glad you like it! >w<
@ Neko-Kurai - Thank you! I'm glad they look okay. x3

@ wendy w - Phew, that's good to know. xD; A lot of the time when I'm drawing, I'm not sure if I'm doing something right or not.

@ kiwibung - Kyaah, thank you very much! n_n I'm glad you like the idea too. <3
Omg I HATE THOSE HANDS. ;-; The index finger and thumb are on the other side so it looks like he's only got three fingers. Ololoz alien.

And the plot thickens! Kinda.

Ahhh I suck at drawing mangaaaa.
Uwah thank you Kokkoii! I hope my plot ends up being something to your liking then. n_n <3
Awwh, thank you so much! ;-;
First freaking paaaaaage!

Forgive the shittyness of it. I'll ( hopefully ) get better at this as I do it more often. x];;
June 12th, 2008
Omg, it's a cover! Ruuuuunnnn!

This is the beginning of a new comic I want to TRY to work on. My other comic was ( and still is ) a complete failure. I'd like to believe my art style has also improved since then, so I will try my hardest to actually keep up with this one!