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*i r swmchk*
lifeguarding sucks -> STOP F*%&ING RUNNING U D@$M KIDS!!
reading stuff is my favorite thing 2 do.. most anything, really...
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Send Message is this where *squish* comes in?
~giggle~ indeed. That girl is completely plastered. ROFL
I just hope she tries to pull something on Julian when he 'shows her the upstairs.' :P Here's to hoping!
I love Taylor's shirt! That is what his face will look like in about 5 seconds after the amazement of finding that *magical store* wears off. XD
Care bear stare, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*giggle* I had 2 zoom my monitor in 2 c the words, but I didn't -ahem- think that. Until I read that n burst out laughing. :P
~yay 4 akwerd sitchiations!~
i actually knew wut his shirt was talking about! wow... I never thought getting bugged by brothers wud b useful irl.
My interest was peaked on friday, so i looked it up on utube.
O___O Holy Crap.
Blood n guts n gore n OH MY GOSH?!? Did she just explode that guy's head?!?!?!?!
it was 'edited' on utube (the pics pause w/ the sound still going) cuz they can't show nudity 2 general audiences- otherwise u'd have 2 have an account n b 18. :P
Heh. Taylor's face is pure evil. N Julian's is priceless. WOOT!
this. so. reminds me. of. my. BROTHERS!!!!
ur nerdy geekness is leaking out of my laptop, Taylor... *GLOMP* ur ahhmazzing!
... i like. :P Werewolves are unneeded!!! They may be supernatural, but there's no relation to vampires. How'd that even start...anybody know?
YAY! i'm now not a guest!.. that took 2 long.