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April 1st, 2011
anybody knows good west music?
Toned over the sketch (not lined). Please laugh at my pathetic attempt in perspective 8D Btw after the school/baseball practice, Edo works as the chef while Eri plays the role as waiter.

Like the title said, can you suggest good western songs? Preferably cheerful, upbeat music ouo

@megami23: Really? Thank you! ;u; lmao making BL visual novel is always been my dream, maybe someday I'll make it-- or at least try to hahaha;u; Haha my colors are blindiiing >u< Thanks a lot! My exam didn't turn out well but I passed at least ;u;/ *waves a flag*
@Natashakiable18: Thanks! ouo
@Nyanko-tan: Thanks! >u<
@Nodzia-went-where: Hahaha I love shinies-- sometimes shinies can hide the flaws >u> *slapped* Thank you! >u<
@NarutoFanatic000: Yay! >u<
Sometimes commercials are weird, but some are amusing8D True, true!
congrats for 300+ favs! XD
don't worry
I am not dead and so is this story! D:

I've been busy this year. School and exams stuffs, like usual '3' But I swear I'll never neglect this comic! Can't promise it'll be fast update, but as soon as I have time I'll make pages >w< <333

I don't have oniisama-related pictures right now, so please have some Narusa (my mascot). I play as him in a BL roleplay, it's so much fun especially with his 'master', because Narusa is dere-dere and such >u< Actually he will appear too in the comic, but it's a long way before his first appearance.

This picture tells all, my style has changed into something more mature (or I can say more BL).I hope everyone doesn't mind? Because I've dropped my cutesy style'3'

That's it! And please pray for me, I have a test today >w<///
Reichi : Thank you!:)
Noodle_girl: Thanks! ;D
Antares: Thank you! But I'm not as talented as you! I really love your comic ^w^
IceFiend: Thank youuu! >w<
Faithless.Child: Thank you! I spent a bit time on his hair >w</// Glad it turns quite decent.
Megami23: LOL Eri's face looks a lot like his mother TwT/
Ai Ataru: Thanks! ^w^
Natashakiable18: I'm very tall and big, even the boys said I am intimidating for them XD No no, I'm female though :)
And the BL started ;)

Guess what, I feel bad for neglecting him in six pages so he got a dramatic entrance. Coloring is fun, but obviously I can't do it often.
By the way, Yui means on top of pyramid in cheers, it has nothing to do with sexual preference hahahaXD

Aikiiyukii : Thank you! But not as cute as your artwork >u<
Yo : Thanks! :D
Meeplover : Have him and you'll get revenge from mad big brother, mad photographer and mad best friend of him *u*
Miyuxkanata: He needs home, though! :D
Natashakiable18: I love the strawberry and the black too! *u* I always want to wear those kind of clothes but my body is manly for them XD
R-R-R-Remo: >w< <3
January 23rd, 2011
Finally I caught up with this story~

I-ichi... ;_;
This month I never touch my tablet except for last night... I didn't draw anything this month-- I think I'm going crazy ;_;

Too much exams OTL Well this is my final year in Highschool so all of these works are...expected.

I think some people went'EEH' on this page but trust me guys this is BL ;_; (or more like, a very gay sport manga). I want to give a plot first before making yummy BL action, so it will be more believable this way XD P-please be patient... A little more ;_;

Yui is your typical kawaii childhood friend with a crush on main character, but she's not an 'enemy'-- after all the one who makes Edo and Eri going closer is Yui. I love her as much as I love main characters (after all if Oniisama is a shiny shoujo I'll pair Yui with Eri lolol you'll see what I mean when they interact to each other)

Btw please comment? I wanna know is there any people who still reading this crap ;_;

Eisuke-occhan: Edo's dad
Mana: A waitress in Eisuke's restaurant/cafe.

miyuxkanata: Thank you! >w< But I was regretting to make it red... It's a bit weird in my opinion ;_;

Ai Ataru: I-I'm so flattered ;_; I'll wait patiently! >w<

P!K: dun-dun-dun female alert! >D
@NanaYuki: Because I'm on vacation, I put efforts a bit more. The upcoming pages will come rougher :D
it's a bit early
but happy new year gaiz:)

Apparently new year means that my vacation is going to be over, so this is likely the last toned page. The next page will be rougher than usual.

This page is red because I'm bored :D And it's supposed to be afternoon.

And I hope you can see where the story is going to? Dun-dun, there's a cheerleader running toward our main character.
Your background is amazing :D
OOOH I've read that manga too! It's a really good manga, The characters are so likeable(especially the side pairing. it made me go lulzy)

For the actions thingy, it's alright. And for some reasons I'm agreed with orangerose, I prefer if they didn't do itXD
yay another page<3
December 25th, 2010
This is getting more and mooore intense 0.0
I'm on a roll :)
Playing with brushes in SAI:) Lately I feel so productiveXD

By the way I'm changing the plot, so they're losing in preliminaries. Because I'm planning to add sport more than intended:)After browsing through so much baseball mangas, I'm so interested to make more baseballXD

1. Seibo High> An elite school with popular (and very strong) baseball team.
2. Old man> Yumie is referring to the coach from Seibo, Mr. Iwate.
3. Nana-chan> AKA Nanako, the team manager-- despite I completely forgot to add her in this prologue. They're classmates along with Kouhei.

By the way do you see a fattie in second panel? REMEMBER HIM, because he plays very important part in Oniisama.

And yes, Edo is towering. Kouhei is somewhat short actually.

AMG edoissoboringtodraw. Seems like Edo never moves his facial muscles OTL Not to mention he didn't talk at all at these three pages? I really want to draw Eri but unfortunately he's not going to show up after 3-5 pages later OTL
@himitsu: Yes, it's Yumie! :D And lol yesss baseball uniforms are love<3 One of the reasons I'm making this comic XD

@Michu: Thank you! I don't do many chibis so glad it looks well ;w;<3

@miyu: TY! :D

@Malice: She's mean-- especially to Kouhei XD

@Natasha: Thanks! :D
December 17th, 2010

For some reasons I love this page<3 Maybe because it's BW (which I love to bits), or because this page is SO CUTE I DON'T EVEN AAAAAAA *dies*
MAJOR EDIT: I decide to make them losing in pre-eleminaries because I'm changing the plot. It's more believable this way:3