Sweater collector, i like to drink a gallon of tea per day, big fan if drawing. Apparently I should attempt going professional but I focus on personal projects too much.
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@rolling orange: yeah I think you gotta go to the forums or something to nominate it, I'm not sure. Thank you for always checking up on us!!!
yah know what would be cool, when we get to chapter like 10 or something if somebody nominated us for the comic spotlight, I'd really love that.
Did you know? Ricky Martin's birthday is Christmas eve
So I don't think they're gonna hire me as a chocolatier... it's cool though, I guess. I still don't got a job, which makes me miserable. I also have art block and writers block... fortunately for y'all I don't got writers block or artist block when it comes to this comic, it's more with another idea I've been playing around with but I haven't been in the mood to draw anything but I've been trying!! :^D I'm doing very good considering how I've been feeling. I think I'm going through a depressive episode. I can't really tell when those are happening anymore...
ANYWAYS!!! I can't wait until they leave the grocery store because I think my sister and I are both sick of no backgrounds. I promise they're will be lots and lots of backgrounds next chapter, just we wanted this to feel like the void that is a grocery store at midnight.I recently learned this thing called isometric backgrounds, it's such a time saver omg. Thank you for reading, both for reading my little rant and our comic! It means a lot!

Bonne nuit my dudes, take care and remember to love each other,
it just occured to me that reason they hang out in a cafe is because I essentially never leave IHOP.
@rolling orange: I really liked drawing her lol
I didn't like the old cover so I changed it.
Hello!! SO! I am still looking for a job, it looks like I'm aiming to be a chocolatier, hopefully they will hire me.
I thought I'd try a different update time last week and I don't think I'll do that again. Anyways, comment ├ža va? Hopefully well? It's okay if that's not the case, life's like that. I'm actually in like an ok mood, I'm kinda sad I still can't find a job but I went out with my friends that other day so I'm not entirely in a bad mood because we had such a good time. They also opened a Target walking distance from my house so that's cool but they're not hiring so idk. I guess it's good I still haven't gotten a job since I can work on the comic but bad because I need money to go to my friend's wedding. On top of that my parents are mad I haven't gotten a job and no matter what I do they think I'm lazy and just goofing off all the time. It makes me very very depressed but I'm trying to repress my feelings on the matter (don't repress your feelings it's really not healthy.) On the bright side I got my art printed on a shirt recently and it looks really nice so I'm really excited to wear it! I'm actually fairly excited to go back to school in september, I need to get on that degree, I'm actually gonna take a costume construction class and that seems really cool and also digital painting classes!! I also go back to Japanese, all the professors I'm getting this quarter are professors I've had before so that's a relief one less thing to be anxious about. Hopefully I will make some friends this time, last year I thought I made some friends but I'm pretty sure they just wanted me to give them rides so maybe I'll make friends with somebody who owns a car, that'd be great.

Anyways!! Thank you so much for reading!
I was gonna drop this at midnight but my co author said no :^/ so I posted it a minute later... hehehe
I've been looking for a job, and so far no luck... on the bright side it's given us lots of time to draw pages lol.

I'm off to eat lasagna!
Hey!!! I know, it's kinda weird that there's like no backgrounds in the grocery store but let's be real, that's just how they feel at night. I'm in the horrible habit of doing my grocery shopping and frankly everything at absolutely horrible hours, I think that actually ended up being a big inspiration with this comic and with this chapter in particular. Thank you so much fro reading!
@rolling orange: if I saw them I'd assume there's an anime convention going on nearby.

PS Thank you so much for the fan art it's SO COOL!!! I have the Apollo drawing as my phone wallpaper right now!!
it's so nice to have the time to draw again... getting back into the groove~
It's finally my summer break!!! BUT I might get a job this summer hopefully it won't take time away from this but it's more than likely, *sigh* I catch myself wanting to spend more and more time outside of my house which has been making keeping the house clean and keeping up with the comic a little hard but I'm very disheartened really, I work really hard to keep this house very very neat but the moment anybody comes home they make such a mess that I've given up entirely and now it's just so bad I leave It's been made worse by the fact my brother always has guest over and never ever cleans up after them. it's created a bit of a pest problem and I am VERY upset by it all. Since it's my summer break I don't currently have school which is one of the reason I'm looking for a job so I don't have to deal with this all. I just don't get why people can't clean up after themselves, but I suppose I shouldn't speak as I am literally running away from my problems.

On another less personal note, I'm very happy I finally got to draw Aurora and Hikaru's house. It's one of my favorite settings in this comic, other faves include (spoiler warning? kinda) Apollo's apartment's roof top, Yuchun's room, the aquarium, the garden/hallway from the beginning of chapter 5, the cafe where they all work (ok, like Juan, Apollo and Yuchun work there Aurora used to work there.) there's a lot of places I like lol.
Wahhh!!!!! I just realized it's almost finals and this losers gonna have to turn in a portfolio of pictures of Apollo, it's like she's a model lol. I also noticed that I have never once in the entirety of that class mentioned that Aurora has a brother though I did get nervous while presenting and ranted about Apollo's family and probably said like 10 times more than is currently been mentioned in the comics. I'm actually planning on this being a long running series if I were to be totally honest... I've just had a lot of time to think about everything and I wanna say what I want, I got no editor or anything so I can get away with a lot. That being said, I actually used to have the mature content up on this comic but I took it down lol, I don't know how many people got into it when it had THAT up but I don't think I'll have it back up SOON but maybe in the distant middle of the story or something so don't be surprised if one day it's just up lol. Don't worry local cool cats, if it's up it won't be because of anything weird. I feel like I've already said far too much. Thanks for waiting a whole week!
Sorry I posted this so last minute! I have finals creeping up so I've been fairly busy! Thank you everyone for your love and support! I can't believe we're over 100 pages! I thought I'd give up by chapter 2 since it took us so long but we didn't and I'm so happy! Stay tuned for more! I'm so excited because now the ball is rolling and I want you guys to see the world we've been working so hard to create.
I just realized that in the last page it's super hard to see that Yuchun smashed a glass ceiling with his grappling hook, that's what's happening in the last panel but I guess it didn't scan right... In other news, I'm fairly happy that I'm getting back on schedule!!
@Sue: thank you very much! :^3

(I actually spent my b day getting new reference pics for this comic lol)
Oh, wow did smackjeeves update?? I leave for 2 weeks and this happens? Also Sorry for not posting last week, I got overwhelmed by things and I thought I'd post in time but it just didn't happen. I wasn't home last week so I didn't really get a chance to work. I'll try to draw more pages this week, my wrist is feeling a lot better so hopefully I can draw a few pages. Usually I draw 2 or 4 per week but I got really sick because of stress and my doctor told me to cut back on some work and then I hurt my wrist so I've only been drawing 1 page per week. I think last summer I drew like 6 pages per week... Ah also feel free to wish my co author and I a happy birthday! It' on june 3rd but I cut off everyone I ever met so I'll be spending my b-day all alone..

Thank you for reading! And Thank you for your patience! I love you all so much!!!
@Sue: yay!! I'm glad you're happy to hear more about these two! Thank you for asking about my wrist, it's not at 100% get but it's A LOT better! I'll probably be completely fine by next week!