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Sweater collector, i like to drink a gallon of tea per day, big fan if drawing. Apparently I should attempt going professional but I focus on personal projects too much.
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Welcome to the cyberpunk future!! everyone is wearing gas mask, it's terrible. How was your week? if you have a chance I hope you can help those affected by the fires here in California ,smackjeeves doesn't like it when i post links in the comments so i can't link you but i encourage you to check it out
HAPPY BIRTHDAY PROMETHEUS!!! cant wait to see him next chapter!
Thank you for reading!!
Happy halloween lmao. This page is the mood after halloween, am i right, ladies??
I JUST NOTICED I POSTED LAST WEEKS PAGE FUCKING HUGE!?!?! I'll fix that.. i'd love to post all the pages that big but smackjeeves doesn't actually let me post the first chapter big idk why. I posted for that vampire crowd last week and we got like a bunch of new fans!? Thank you so much!!!
YOOO!!!!!!!! WASSUP VAMPIRE CROWD! R WE COOL ENOUGH TO JOIN TO UR POSSUM?? So we had A DAY I spent approximately 75% of my day either in a class i didn't wanna be in or in traffic. it's been terrible. Today was like my only day off before halloween but I didn't get outta class until basically 5 so i was stuck in traffic ALL FUCKING DAY! Then when i finally got to the target that had the costume I wanted to buy I saw a little kid was buying the last one and I ended up having to drive to the other target and i was stuck in traffic for another two hours and I'm dead. Oh yeah btw the painting class I'm in the teacher left me alone today which, honestly was nice. I'm really sleepy but I've been in the mood to talk about bobobo so if you remember bobobo please comment! Thank you so much!
and at that moment, Smooth-bert thought "why the fuck would you tell anybody that what's wrong with you?"and honestly same
AHHH!!!! WE❤HAVE❤SO❤MANY❤NEW❤FANS!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Thank you so much! I'm not much in the mood for talking but thanks for reading!
ssaaaaveee meeee!!!
I JUST HAD TACOS AND I FORGOT HOW MUCH I LOOOOOVVVEEEEEEE THEMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow is my day off and I'm so happy! I'm excited to do something nice for once. Anyways i drank a bunch of caffeine at like 2 am because i hate myself??? idk but i have the day off so it doesn't matter!!!
Yo gang!!! I got the day off on friday!!! I'm so excited~~!!! I'm gonna eat yummy food and take reference photos for the comic, hopefully lol. Last time I woke up really late and we only went out for like an hour!!! I was so disappointed! Speaking of disappointment... I bought drawer dividers and I'm so SAD!!! I pulled them outta the box (I ripped up the box too) and then I remembered my drawers are kinda on the verge of being completely destroyed so then I'm completely horrified of trying to put them in my drawers? The dividers are like spring loaded so I'm like "would the pressure be the final blow to my drawers? I don't wanna buy new drawers I wanna spend my money on other things!" and idk where the receipt is and I tore the box in the worst way possible but i guess this is fine.. I could just save them for a day where I have strong healthy drawers! Because my other dresser's drawers are much smaller than the drawer dividers I actually can't use them on those and my desk drawers aren't deep enough... talk about first world problems... Thanks so much for reading!
literally every week I'm so surprised and totally stoked to be uploading another page. this one was so fun to do and I've been working like a week straight so I'm surprised I found the time to ink it and everything! I'm actually super duper tired! So I'll keep it short! thanks for reading!
Eros' dad scares me lololololol he's such a fucking gossip. Anyways!!! So I'm gonna be stuck at work for FOREVER!!!! AND SO hopefully the updates will continue to be consistent... I have to be up so early tomorrow I'm really not looking forward to that... I'm always so tired if i gotta be at work before 5pm... I'm really not a morning person so starting at 11am really scares me!!! I'm essentially nocturnal and I'm terrified of being super late or anything! I've slept through classes before and it's fucking terrible... kids, if you're a kid and reading this (hey kids?? ahh... why are you reading this?? I think it's a little adult... ) anyways kids please get a consistent sleeping schedule at like a normal time like ahh... I don't even fucking know?? 11:30 to 6 am or something?? I really wanna quit my job but I JUST started this job and i really like it but idk wearing pants and not having time to draw just feels like such a waste of my time especially when i gotta be up early! I have classes starting soon too and I'm hoping I'm not overwhelmed and I know I will be but I also need to pay for shit... times like this I wish I was a frog.. actually I usually wish I was a frog. Frogs are great!!! If you read this comment do me a favor and comment with your favorite green thing! It can be anything spinach, the hulk, luigi, frogs, anything! Thank you for reading!
I have to get up for work SOOO FUCKING EARLY tomorrow!!! And I really should be asleep like 2 HOURS AGO!? But here I am.. So in this past week, instead of sleeping I have been watching He Man, which in case you didn't know is actually my favorite show next to Naruto. I'm pretty tired since I had a really long shift and had to get up early and barely got home. I'm just so happy that we got a chance to post this page especially since we both were so busy this week! Thank you so much for reading!

Also Aurora's "Education" is cut off sadly, but she has a "Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering with a n emphasis on medical genetics" which idk if that's a real degree people can get
I wanna draw a full version of that photo lol... I'm scared to type too much because my laptop just made the world most concerning sound... ANYHOW! So remember how i said i did some possibility illegal driving moves at Sonic the other day... yeah i got fucking ticketed earlier this week. but i also got paid like the day before and i also ate the best curry ever the same day so I'm not too upset, i just hope it doesn't happen again... Did I tell you guys that my ex/crush (the situation is weird) looks like eros now and I AM SCREAAAAMMMIING!!! I think i said that last week but I'm not over it.. I haven't had that exciting of a week tbh, just work, work work and work. I don't hate my job, which is nice but I'd rather be drawing. I love drawing so much. I miss it. Every chance i get to draw I end up wasting it by playing animal crossing or sleeping and it really sucks, i feel so unproductive. Weirdly enough, when i work i feel less productive. Maybe because I don't actually DIRECTLY SEE the benefits of the job well done or maybe because the only job for me is drawing 7 feet tall purple girls and her pink friend... Anyways.. My laptop is still scaring me a little so I gtg! TTYL!!! oxoxox Thanks so much for reading!
YOOO!!!! I haven't gone to work in like a week lmao. It's cool tho. Let me tell u about how we where kicked outta sonic because my stupid co author wouldn't stop screaming about a certain hedgehog. We drove into sonic at a normal sonic hour (night time) and there's a line and we start ordering and then she screams "Does KNUCKLES WORK HERE!!?" and they tell us sonic is closed!!! But it closes at 1 and it was like 10:30!!?! Anyways i think I did some illegal driving moves and might get fined later but whatever. The nice thing is I've hung out with a lot of my friends lately! It was also one of my friend's birthday the other day and it was so fun!!! It was also Apollo's birthday! I hope you all celebrated!! Unfortunately same day my ex? (idk it's weird) LOOKS LIKE EROS NOW! (you might have seen me talk about it in the comments tbh) I am so shook. I hope my next boyfriend? (idk it's always weird) looks like none of my OCs!!!! Anyways thank u for reading!! I luv u!
I cant believe my ex looks like eros omg.
Also since I'm already online the gift the universe gave me on Apollos birthday is that my ex who's now my friend looks like Eros now and I'm out here screaming.