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Sweater collector, i like to drink a gallon of tea per day, big fan if drawing. Apparently I should attempt going professional but I focus on personal projects too much.
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Hello!! We almost didn't do a page this week because I was really depressed and was flooded with midterms! But somehow (I remembered this girl I hate gave up on her comic and I didn't wanna be her lololol), we did it! Tomorrow (as this comic is posted) we'll be going to the museum of Ice Cream1!!! IT's my gift to me for my birthday but everyone keeps telling me I should do something else... I'm starting to get old and boring so I'm not very interest but we might do a karaoke night or something. My co author and I share a birthday and naturally, we make our plans together and so far our guest list is a few?random?people? We started hanging out with some swedish guy who hates ikea as his main personality trait about a week a go and he's the only person coming for sure !!!! none of my close friends are being cool about it at all... I think they don't care. That's probably why i don't care but i think that if they dont come to see me or ask me about it I will be CRUSHED!!! I think friends are very important and like family but they've been so flakey this year... I'm scared that I will cut them off. I cut off people too easily and I'm fairly unattached, I prefer to be alone than in bad company. That's probably why I'm always in my room LMAO

Thank you so much for reading! And hello to our lovely new fans!!! Thank you so much u give me the will to live!!
My co author said I can't make this series about insurance, tragically lol. I actually came up with a lot for that plot idea :^/ Anyways I'm probably killing myself with the amount of sharpies I've been using for that storyboarding class i'm taking. Y'all are lucky to not be in that class because I spoiled AN ENTIRE ARC of this comic! Except the class hasn't been introduced to the main love story of the series lmao. And also my storyboards REEK of sharpies... I'm sorry for my professor.
brb, watching Naruto and crying!!!
This was almost late because my co-author fell asleep lmao. We both started taking storyboarding and it has been killing our time!!! I'm so sorry!!! thank you for reading!
I was gonna go to a party to celebrate Snoop Dogg's half birthday (and my best friend's birthday) but then I saw a ninja turtles poster that said "say 'yes' to pizza. say 'no' to drugs" hanging above my desk and i remembered that's not my Nindō. So now at home- OH SHIT I GOTTA GO PUT MY LAUNDRY TO DRY!!!! BRB- OK!! i'm back. So I've been at home working on stuff, we had to finish last minute since we were both working on stuff for our storyboarding class. I'm still stuck on a project, I have these two OCs who i wanted to work with but I can't seem to shorten there story into words. it's like visual and I'm bad at describing things on top of that I KNOW I'm funny and it's weird working on something where i don't really wanna use TOO much dialogue or rely on dialogue. I'd love to learn how to show not tell but so far I've been a disappointment to everyone. I also been tempted to work with some later kira kira stuff or with this one OC I've had for YEARS! She was way way back in my original script for this series as one of the villains and she was always written out or written back in, in various drafts and i never really knew what to do with her but I'm attached (she's even in a prototype of this series that up somewhere on this site.) My co author says that this character is "waifu material" lol, she is a cute character, I've been kinda shipping her with one of the main characters of this series and it is TEMPTING AS HELL. She's probably gonna make it into this series. I'm leaning to not using her for my class project and I'm probably gonna use the OCs I mentioned earlier. They have names but in my script I called them "the goddess" and "the biker sorcerer" I'm kind of embarrassed because the script i turned into to class was mostly motorcycle noises sprinkled into what almost sounded like a fairytale if i didn't add motorcycle noises. However I'm a fool. Hopefully my professor doesn't actually read it. lmao. However I'm so in love with these characters, they're so cute. Also the script doesn't have enough of the goddess character and she's the fun one to write and the easy one to draw. I find that in all stories i write i tend to choose the character that is easiest to draw as the one to have as the main character. In Kira kira, Apollo was supposed to be the main character but it was easier to write with Aurora as the main but honestly it switches between the crystal guardians but mostly the girls. I think my favorite is still Apollo. Apollo has changed a lot over the years, like original Apollo was a little kid who worked in a tea shop and went on a quest to find there mother who turned out to not be dead and travels with an older man who turns out to be her biological dad who killed the space emperor or something. it was strange. She was written as a boy up until like a week before I started drawing this comic, we were writing and we were like "she's a girl" and she really came to life to me that way and that's when we started drawing, i think. OK I've ranted more than enough. Thank you so much for reading!!
this was so hard to ink!!!! My co-author kept changing the background so it was so thick lol. Anyways I'm so hyped for the weekend ~! There's gonna be a festival and I'm gonna try to go! I'm hoping to wear lolita since I havent worn the fashion in YYEEAARSS!! But that also makes me nervous because what if I look totally awful and end up on every ita form ever and everyone laughs at me!!! I'd probably kms if that happened~~ I can't take rude comments on my looks.. reminds me too much of when kids used to say my nose looked like ah... ... ah... (p-e-n-i-s) and said my hair looked like ahhh umm (p-u-b-e-s) but enough of that!!! I started making a vest for my sister and i'm so happy with how it's going so hard. I'm scared that I'm gonna focus too much on it tho and forget about the comic LMAO. I started classes again and I'm taking storyboarding, I'm pretty excited my professor said I could work on this, well not THIS COMIC but ideas for this comic. I'm gonna work mostly with the last 2 thirds of the series and not the first 3rd, either way I'm not showing you guys cause they're MAJOR SPOILERS!!! I wonder if you're allowed to swear on smackjeeves. Ok ok Thanks for reading!
I'm back from rhode island. It was ahh.... very very white lol. Too white for my brown ass, I came home and have just been eating so much beans and rice and tortillas and aloe vera and boba and chow mein. the food is SO BAD there omg. I couldn't believe it, the last two days I didn't even eat because of how much i didn't like the food. My friend got married aaND IT WAS SO CUTE OMG!!! But rhode island itself oh my god. I'm glad to be back home in my beautiful state. I saw A LOT of my internet friends which was super duper fun and I miss them already!!! But I know I will see them again someday, this comforts me. This page was so last minute since I draw pages friday or saturday night and i was out this week and I'm happy with how it came out. I have a lot of work to catch up on now and apparently only like $9 in my bank account holy shit. Thanks for reading this comment and our silly comic, thank you very much! Also I really appreciate comments so feel free to comment lol even if it's mean stuff like "TIFFANY CAN'T DRAW!!!" or "Apollo's cheekbones have mysteriously vanished over the chapters!" something lol. (Actually Apollo has been on HRT and her face has softened because of it, I didn't forget about her cheekbones lol) Anyways thanks for reading!
I'm dyyiinng acutally I'm just really tired but I had to finish this before my flight later today.. I'm going to rhode island for a wedding and I'm very excited! But I had to finish early. Also my brother moved out very suddenly how wild. I'm too tired to type.
this weeks news is that my mom said I'm not allowed to become a nun. Also, I'm kinda lowkey been dying of a cough but it's cool. I'm better now. In other news I bought A LOT of Barbie Clothes and had tons of barbie clothes accumulated over the years that I was gonna sew onto a jacket but now that I'm trying to actually do it I can't decided how I want it all to work. The clothes! I can't figure out how its gonna be arranged and I can't figure out if it's gonna be painted or not. On another note we almost didn't finish this cause we got to the good part of Naruto and got VERY DISTRACTED. Because we were trying to figure out if Konan was sleeping with Pein/Nagato/whatever lmao funny what rewatching a show makes you think. Whats a show you rewatched and then realized something weird? I got so much news lol on ANOTHER SUBJECT CHANGE. My brother is moving out soon which idk how to feel about that, on one hand a clean house on the other hand I will miss him. I don't think he told my other brother but whatever. I've been working on a series of digital paintings lately, I really like them so far, they're for our other series (concept) about aliens and gods and birthrights it's a romance kinda I really like it so far but not even kinda as much as i love kira kira so it needs work lol. Thank you so much for reading!!!
YO!!! Ok so last week I snuck out to party~ It was nice actually lol. I was offered drugs at the party lmao and I was gonna say "yes" but idk how to take drugs, I've never done anything like that and i was too embarrassed to say that so i said no. I didn't wanna be that person who's clearly never done it before and coughs up everything lol. This week is a lot more calm than last week. I'm thinking I should study more. There's this old guy in my japanese class and he's really really good at it and I think that if I study hard maybe I could get good too. I'm getting better I can tell but I wish I was really really good! I'm no good at it but I don't plan on giving up so there's that. That's how I am with this comic too lol, I'm actually horrible but I never gave up and I think the comic is starting to get really good! I'm so happy with that. Thank you so much for reading this comic your support means so much!
Hey kids, I'm sneaking out to a party tonight ssshhh..!!!! It's gotta be lit.
HE'S SO FUN TO DRAW!!! Sorrry for posting a little late? Actually I think it's earlier than usual but omg we had trouble with the dialogue here so it took a bit. You know sometimes you have a script, you lose the script you change the script. it makes it hard. We're trying to do more fights in this series but A LOT of the fights in the google doc just say "fight happens" which can be very very vague lol. there's only one fight with real planning and honestly, it might be too gruesome but this comic used to have the mature content warning and if we do end up doing that fight I'll put it back up. It's actually likely to happen since it's ~romantic~ but that's a spoiler lololol. Ok ok thank you so much for reading, I absolutely adore you all and thank you! See you next week
Unrelated to anything except that I woke up in the mood to talk Naruto. Would Apollo look sick with a sharingan or what!? Holy shit. Let's be real tho shed end up like Sasuke with a sharingan and a rinnegan. I wanna draw them as shinobi but is that cringy??
this was actually really hard to draw! Especially the colors and the effects. I did most of it with painting but then I went in on Krita to make it really cool looking! I'm very happy with the results!
I'm so sorry!!!!! I meant to post a page for Valentine's day but I went shopping instead!!! It was my day off so I ended up goofing off instead! Forgive me~~!!!!! How was your valentine's day anyways? Hopefully nice. Mine was okay, it was fun I guess but this lady kept staring at me at quickly's and kinda soured my mood for the rest of my life. Drawing these scenes really inspired me and gave me a few more ideas for the upcoming chapters. I keep wanting to say things like "Ah I'm so excited for the chapter where (insert character) finally (insert something cool) and then hooks up with (insert love interest)" or "I can't wait to draw the one where (insert character) finally meets (insert love interest, rival, mentor or something)" I keep forgetting you guys don't know the whole story which is kinda funny to me, really. Anyways!! I hope you had a nice week and thank you for reading!!!
Yoooo!!! I quit my job, I'm pretty happy about that. Sure now I gotta go out and find a new job but my old job had too much heavy lifting and I had to clean the bathrooms every single night!!! I understand every once in a while but every night was too much for me. I didn't even get a discount on anything nice. I'm hoping to work somewhere where I actually like the stuff we sell lol. Ideally I'd just like to sell my art and stuff but that's ideally and probably not gonna happen. Hopefully one day I will be a famous artist or something. I'm gonna try to post a page for Valentine's day but it's unlikely but I'd feel wrong not doing something for Aurora's birthday. I'm so excited to draw the coming pages and also the next like 5 chapters are so fun!!!!! We've been lowkey talking about how the magic of there world works with the Alien's of there universe and it's been pretty fun, no concrete stories just more like fun facts and a few characters and lots of ideas for stories but nothing tied together or anything. There's one character who's related to the Kurosu's which is why I kinda felt like bringing it up but idk. I'm like.. "what if I do write it"?? So I wouldn't like to give anything away before we've even scratched the surface with KiraKira Apollyon. I think space magic would be very cool. In KA the world has gotten rid of lots technology because of the Alien Vampire Demon Mutant War but space has different problems and the popularity of magic I think would be lower than in future San Francisco or Neo Quebec. Maybe magic would be more taboo since they would have tech that does the same things in space? But I can't help but think how cool space wizards would be. Talking about space alien wizards made me realize that very few of my characters have facial hair ( okay sounds random but it's looking like hair's a big deal in space) , there's one character who was supposed to have it but I blanked when he actually showed up. Enough of my hoopla, thank you so much for reading! Have a wonderful Valentine's day! If you don't have a Valentine it's ok, Apollo can be your Valentine she probably thinks you're cute. I think the cutest character is... a later character lol. but I guess out of the one's who've appeared.. I guess let's wait a second.
I've been rewatching Naruto and I forgot how much fun it is so I'm actually posting live because I've been using all my free time to watch Naruto instead of drawing. I'm sorry!!!! How many people here are fans of anime?
Hi~~~ I hope you've all had a wonderful week! I know I've been having a pretty good one, I met one of my long time internet friends which is always fun! What's not fun? The US post office, the tracking isn't working!! It's been like a month and the tracking numbers on all my orders are all not working, keeps leading to error messages and when they don't have errors they just like forget to update them until I get my package!? That doesn't really help :^/ It really sucks, I ordered a bunch of dream items of mine from Japan and I hope they didn't get lost but the post office has been weird.. I hope they're ok! Enough complaining, so is anybody else hyped for Valentine's day?? Last Valentine's day we introduced Prometheus to the comic and I'm excited for this year too. I was so excited to write that chapter and I'm excited to write the rest of this chapter and the coming up chapters too! This is actually a 3 parter which is why it's moving kinda slow, but I'm so happy with it. I didn't think we'd even do this story idea because it's a bit weird but it's kinda important to the overarching plot so it had to be done. I'm excited to see the plot move along. I'm excited to be with all of you when we reveal the plot slowly over time. Thank you all for reading! It always means so much! I live for comments by the way, so feel free to comment! Thank you!
tbh I think this might be one of my favorite pages.
y'ah know, I was pretty pleased with how goth the ghirirldellir jfsjd can'y fukcing spell, the ghiridelli building in union square looks like. We had a good laugh about it. I noticed we have lots of new fans! Thank you so much!!!