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Sweater collector, i like to drink a gallon of tea per day, big fan if drawing. Apparently I should attempt going professional but I focus on personal projects too much.
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don't ask what happened to the old one
sorry for not posting!!! I was dying because of finals and then spent the time after that crying because i bombed them lololol
sorry i thought i posted this already!!!
Happy lesbian visibility day!
Thanks for reading!
Sorry for posting late! I've been letting life kick my ass and I'm so sorry thanks for waiting!
Sorry we posted kinda late! We spent longer trying to figure out if eros would be spelled eros' or eros's than anything else lololol
sorry I posted these so late!!!I futurama was on and I couldnt stop watching
Thanks for being so patient!!!! I wasn't able to upload this on friday because I was really busy with finals but thanks so much for waiting! This is one of my favorite pages and chapters. Also today I found gummy worms in the fitting room floor and decided to eat them, 8 out of 10 people who where there ate the gummy worms but 2 people said it was gross. Now my sister says I will die from gummy worm poisoning but I think I'll die from that questionable egg I ate later that day...

... I've been really stressed about finals (sorry gang, I meant to work on Kirakira I swear!!!) but my sister and I decided our halloween costumes and I just keep working on that!!! You know Halloween is my favorite holiday! Apollo's favorite too! Aurora likes Valentine's day.... Juan also likes halloween best. Yuchun hates holidays and Hikaru also isn't one for holidays but he's down for any kind of festival especially if it has lots and lots of food!!! Actually! The sakura festival is coming up! Idk why I'm so hyped, I'm pretty sure I'm working all the festival days orz.... I hope I can at least buy some sakura flavored snacks..

Thanks for reading! remember this comic reads smoother if u play Cipher the Video in the background. it makes our story seem more cohesive
thanks for reading! Lets suffer mercury in retrograde together!!!
sup!!! it's been awhile, I wasn't able to do comments since I've been super busy with work and school. it's just been this maddening schedule of school work go to bed then go back to school then straight to work... I asked for like less hours at work so hopefully it stays as it was this week because if it stays like it was this week, I'll be okay. Let's see... what can I tell u guys about my life... I'm thinking about becoming a flight attendant, I might be a little short for it but I"m hoping I can do it! It gives me a new goal career wise it sounds amazing and like i'd be able to do art. I just, I"m just not interested in getting an art career but I'd love to be an artist.. it's complicated.. recently I've been so inspired in regards to this comic and I'm just so excited to continue showing you the characters and this world we built, thanks so much for reading!!
THANK YOU ALL OUR NEW READERS!!!! I love you!! happy late birthday to Aurora!!! And happy late valentine's day to you! Thanks for reading
We did the math, he owes the cafe over $3000 in just coffee, does Hikaru eat??? He has bought $1 coffee every day for the past 10 years and somehow hasn't ever pulled out his wallet. I'm surprised he's not banned from the cafe or something. That's not even counting when he buys sandwiches or pie. lololol thanks for reading!
We could never find the page we lost last week so we actually had to redraw it, which takes like a week. I wish we could do this faster. Maybe we could have found it if we had stopped freaking out but it's still not here :^/ but I actually like this version more!
Sorry I posted this so late, I've been pretty stressed out over my friend's sick cat, I'm really hoping she's okay! Please hope for my friend's cat to be okay, please?
debating if i should actually go an visit my ... ahh... pardner.. out in the midwest in the spring but I have a really controlling mother and think it would be really weird to explain myself that I'm essentially leaving for a month because i fell in ... i like somebody enough to want to see them that long ... I mean I know I'm OLD! But i live with my mom and she sure doesn't treat me my age :^/ but I have the money and i want to but the butterflies!!! Traveling!!! Romance!!! Free IHop!!! It's all i could ask for and all very related to this chapter of Kira Kira Apollyon! Thanks for reading
I'm baaaaacck!!!! MY laptops been dead like super dead, I got a new one!!!I would tell you about my life but tbh, I'm like SUPER TIRED AND I wanted to draw but we were finishing up the comic and now I'm like :^((((( but whatever I guess I'll draw tomorrow if i managed to find the time. Honestly im in the mood to quit everything lately and it scares me tbh like idk what I'll drop first lololol, guess we'll see! Hopefully not this comic, since i love it