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Sweater collector, i like to drink a gallon of tea per day, big fan if drawing. Apparently I should attempt going professional but I focus on personal projects too much.
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yah know, I really miss Apollo. I'm actually fairly ahead on this chapter, normally I'm really behind, this one is one of my favorite chapters and I hope you all like it! My other favorite (out of the ones we've drawn so far) is the one where Aurora goes on a date. My favorite favorite chapter is a later one that's about Apollo's youth or I also really like a way way way later one about mortality and and falling in love but hey, honestly that could refer to any chapter.
My job is so time consuming omg, thank God for my co-writer for pulling threw and doing these AMAZING backgrounds. I barely just finished this up and should get to finishing up the rest. Thank you so much for reading!
gotta go to work!
I never post live omg. How exciting!!!! Today's been a weird day overall though, Did I tell y'all I found and Angelic Pretty dress (a legit one, trust me I can tell) at the goodwill for $6 dollars!?! I'm so shocked!!! I also was incredibly late to class and hopefully not late to work. See yah!
@Sue: Thank you so much!!! Sorry I didn't reply to your comment earlier, it was buried my inbox.
I'm so happy we got this done in time. I have a feeling that having more to do gives me better time management.
Hey guys I saw a movie last night and it was so bad and boring I think it melted my brain so I wasn't able to write a long winded author's comment because of it. But I'm very very excited about the upcoming chapter of my life (I got my first job!!!) and of this comic. I'm so so grateful and happy that you all have decided to spend this time with us and continue to support us, it means so much to me! I'm gonna have a very very busy schedule but don't you worry! I promise that I'll keep up with this and that we'll still make it look good. I'm planning to dedicate all my free time to my art and that mostly entails this comic. I have so many ideas and stuff, very inspired. We actually were joking about a "sequel" to this comic as it does have a definitive ending (it's supposed to be around 40 chapters) but the sequel idea is mostly unrelated and we only call it a sequel because it supposed to take place like 30 years after this and one of the characters is related to another character from here. The sequel is about an alien who is a baker, a bunch of space wizards, a bunch of alien princes, a wizard who is famous for inventing a spell that collects all the loose change in your country and brings it to you, there's a guy with a magic guitar but we both agreed the characters were cool but we can't seem to come up with much of a plot. I don't actually think we'll actually ever get to writing that especially since I like this series and characters much much more. We haven't exactly met everyone yet in Kira Kira Apollyon there's a lot of characters, honestly. On a similar note this series is actually supposed to be split into 3 "acts" the first act is supposed to be around 12 chapters (the acts are unevenly split) so that would make us almost at the half way point but chapter 3-4 ran longer than we realized so there's some wiggle room, you know sometimes you just carried away while planning. Again like always, thank you so much for reading!
Did I tell you guys I got a job!!! *dabs* I'm very very nervous! I hope it all goes well and I hope to make the time too keep writing! I'm so excited for the future. Thank you!
I wonder if y'all read this in there accents. Promo's french accent is supposed to be rather thick and Apollo's accent is also supposed to be fairly noticeable. But everyone else I think is more subtle and Hikaru is supposed to sound like Steven J. Blum meets ProZD. I know Apollo's sister hasn't spoken yet but she sounds kinda like Bayonetta. I think this is like the 2nd or second time I've rambled about there voices.
We actually finished this kinda early!!! YAY!! I'm gonna start working sometime soon, so I hope I can keep up! This chapter is actually almost over and I just adore starting new chapters and drawing the covers, big fan of planning them and stuff. Spoiler alert! The next one also has more Hikaru. He's fun to draw so yay!!! I really miss drawing Apollo, it's been awhile since I've drawn her.. I'm sure y'all have missed our lovely and effervescent hero.

Actually on a similar note I was looking at old old old old Kira Kira drafts and I got some pretty cool fights and compositions there, shout out to younger me because I'm actually gonna steal some of my old compositions and there's this transformation scene in it and it looks so so cool but the art style was ummm ugly back then so I'm gonna kinda redo those in this comic.
I'm reading this over after not remembering about it for years and this twist just shook my world
eyyy I think I got a job!!!!
I GOT A JOB INTERVIEW AND I AM SO SCARED!!! This is great research for the comic though, you'll find out why in a few chapters!
@rolling orange: yeah I think you gotta go to the forums or something to nominate it, I'm not sure. Thank you for always checking up on us!!!
yah know what would be cool, when we get to chapter like 10 or something if somebody nominated us for the comic spotlight, I'd really love that.
Did you know? Ricky Martin's birthday is Christmas eve
So I don't think they're gonna hire me as a chocolatier... it's cool though, I guess. I still don't got a job, which makes me miserable. I also have art block and writers block... fortunately for y'all I don't got writers block or artist block when it comes to this comic, it's more with another idea I've been playing around with but I haven't been in the mood to draw anything but I've been trying!! :^D I'm doing very good considering how I've been feeling. I think I'm going through a depressive episode. I can't really tell when those are happening anymore...
ANYWAYS!!! I can't wait until they leave the grocery store because I think my sister and I are both sick of no backgrounds. I promise they're will be lots and lots of backgrounds next chapter, just we wanted this to feel like the void that is a grocery store at midnight.I recently learned this thing called isometric backgrounds, it's such a time saver omg. Thank you for reading, both for reading my little rant and our comic! It means a lot!

Bonne nuit my dudes, take care and remember to love each other,
it just occured to me that reason they hang out in a cafe is because I essentially never leave IHOP.
@rolling orange: I really liked drawing her lol
I didn't like the old cover so I changed it.