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Sweater collector, i like to drink a gallon of tea per day, big fan if drawing. Apparently I should attempt going professional but I focus on personal projects too much.
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this was actually really hard to draw! Especially the colors and the effects. I did most of it with painting but then I went in on Krita to make it really cool looking! I'm very happy with the results!
I'm so sorry!!!!! I meant to post a page for Valentine's day but I went shopping instead!!! It was my day off so I ended up goofing off instead! Forgive me~~!!!!! How was your valentine's day anyways? Hopefully nice. Mine was okay, it was fun I guess but this lady kept staring at me at quickly's and kinda soured my mood for the rest of my life. Drawing these scenes really inspired me and gave me a few more ideas for the upcoming chapters. I keep wanting to say things like "Ah I'm so excited for the chapter where (insert character) finally (insert something cool) and then hooks up with (insert love interest)" or "I can't wait to draw the one where (insert character) finally meets (insert love interest, rival, mentor or something)" I keep forgetting you guys don't know the whole story which is kinda funny to me, really. Anyways!! I hope you had a nice week and thank you for reading!!!
Yoooo!!! I quit my job, I'm pretty happy about that. Sure now I gotta go out and find a new job but my old job had too much heavy lifting and I had to clean the bathrooms every single night!!! I understand every once in a while but every night was too much for me. I didn't even get a discount on anything nice. I'm hoping to work somewhere where I actually like the stuff we sell lol. Ideally I'd just like to sell my art and stuff but that's ideally and probably not gonna happen. Hopefully one day I will be a famous artist or something. I'm gonna try to post a page for Valentine's day but it's unlikely but I'd feel wrong not doing something for Aurora's birthday. I'm so excited to draw the coming pages and also the next like 5 chapters are so fun!!!!! We've been lowkey talking about how the magic of there world works with the Alien's of there universe and it's been pretty fun, no concrete stories just more like fun facts and a few characters and lots of ideas for stories but nothing tied together or anything. There's one character who's related to the Kurosu's which is why I kinda felt like bringing it up but idk. I'm like.. "what if I do write it"?? So I wouldn't like to give anything away before we've even scratched the surface with KiraKira Apollyon. I think space magic would be very cool. In KA the world has gotten rid of lots technology because of the Alien Vampire Demon Mutant War but space has different problems and the popularity of magic I think would be lower than in future San Francisco or Neo Quebec. Maybe magic would be more taboo since they would have tech that does the same things in space? But I can't help but think how cool space wizards would be. Talking about space alien wizards made me realize that very few of my characters have facial hair ( okay sounds random but it's looking like hair's a big deal in space) , there's one character who was supposed to have it but I blanked when he actually showed up. Enough of my hoopla, thank you so much for reading! Have a wonderful Valentine's day! If you don't have a Valentine it's ok, Apollo can be your Valentine she probably thinks you're cute. I think the cutest character is... a later character lol. but I guess out of the one's who've appeared.. I guess let's wait a second.
I've been rewatching Naruto and I forgot how much fun it is so I'm actually posting live because I've been using all my free time to watch Naruto instead of drawing. I'm sorry!!!! How many people here are fans of anime?
Hi~~~ I hope you've all had a wonderful week! I know I've been having a pretty good one, I met one of my long time internet friends which is always fun! What's not fun? The US post office, the tracking isn't working!! It's been like a month and the tracking numbers on all my orders are all not working, keeps leading to error messages and when they don't have errors they just like forget to update them until I get my package!? That doesn't really help :^/ It really sucks, I ordered a bunch of dream items of mine from Japan and I hope they didn't get lost but the post office has been weird.. I hope they're ok! Enough complaining, so is anybody else hyped for Valentine's day?? Last Valentine's day we introduced Prometheus to the comic and I'm excited for this year too. I was so excited to write that chapter and I'm excited to write the rest of this chapter and the coming up chapters too! This is actually a 3 parter which is why it's moving kinda slow, but I'm so happy with it. I didn't think we'd even do this story idea because it's a bit weird but it's kinda important to the overarching plot so it had to be done. I'm excited to see the plot move along. I'm excited to be with all of you when we reveal the plot slowly over time. Thank you all for reading! It always means so much! I live for comments by the way, so feel free to comment! Thank you!
tbh I think this might be one of my favorite pages.
y'ah know, I was pretty pleased with how goth the ghirirldellir jfsjd can'y fukcing spell, the ghiridelli building in union square looks like. We had a good laugh about it. I noticed we have lots of new fans! Thank you so much!!!
new fan theory I think I figured out who Tommy Wiseau really is... actually shh...

I actually almost met him once but my mom wouldn't let me go.
I feel like all the colors are scanning really weird.. like Juan looks very grey when scanned (the paint is like a mahogany color) and the pinks look very weird too ( the pink on a Aurora is usually intended to be either lighter or darker than they scan, and they also scan very grey?) I'm hoping we could fix these problems before the Juan chapter. But eyyy!! LAst page of the year!!! Thank you so much!!! It means so much to me to be with you guys into the next year, thank you so much!
I wrote this really late at night and had to reupload because of typos
I need a day off. I am so tired. Also! Also! It was really fun drawing Apollo's parents! I haven't drawn them in forever. This chapter is one of my favorites and I'm so excited to draw it! We've been talking about it amongst us for forever lol. this and chapter 5 are probably amongst my favorite chapters/chapter ideas. This one was funny because we actually decided to drive around and get photo references and we found a cafe that looked exactly like the one Apollo's parents own in the actual city!

Anyways thanks for reading!
@Raspberry-Nunez: Also like, nobody in the fantasy actually knows japanese?? Only Apollo speaks it in the friend group. Yuchun speaks spanish and a bit of korean though. Hikaru knows some french that's about it. Juan speaks spanish and Eros speaks french (badly). Aurora speaks fluent french (canadian french) and Prometheus speaks french and english and latin, also probably something else. He's old, he's had time to learn.
SO I SAW THE SHAPE OF WATER HOLY COW! it was so so so good, I think it's now my favorite movie! (bye shrek) in other news, actual no. in related news, I just realized that I really like monster love stories? they're so cute. love em. Ok fam, I'm tired.

thank's for reading!!
@Raspberry-Nunez: HIKARU HAS MOIRE FUCK I FUCKED UP!!!! oh noooos
It took me so long to do that manga panel, so damn long... I actually was gonna buy more screen toner for this scene but I couldn't find any :^/ the store doesn't seem to have it anymore. We actually do the whole comic on deleter paper so something about using deleter toner on the paper felt SOOO right!! The last panel wasn't even supposed to look like that we just thought it was funny, kinda last minute, incredibly time consuming. However, I have this whole week off so it actually got finished wednesday night. In OTHER NEWS!!! Who else is gonna watch the movie where the woman fucks the fish friday night!??! I'm so hyped!!!! I love love love Abe Sapien from hellboy and this looks pretty mcfucking promising!! Thank you all for reading!!! how do i delete other authors. my co-writer won't shut up about jimmy neutron
@Raspberry-Nunez: whoopsy daisy, I slept through class, but I still got work today~ I was very very sleepy so i guess my body just couldn't wake itself up. So so so about my life got the new animal crossing, living for it!!! And i was excited to go to the movies on my day off but turns out the movie i wanted to watch is only airing in the east coast!!? I'm so sad :^/
I'm sleepy~~!! happy december. Can't wait for my day off on saturday!!
thanks so much for reading! I just realized Prometheus's birthday passed and i totally forgot to mention it!! I think we posted that day too~~ I think that's when i was sick lol. So this week's story is that I spend way too much money on TOM (otaku mode) So I was all like "sweet the dress i've been eying is on sale" and then like "oh no only one left better place my order" so like I browse a bit like "yeah ok I'll add a few more things to my cart" so I did and I paid and shit but then like when I was going to bed I remembered like "oh shit I was gonna order a book and a figure from there" so I'm like "eh I'll do that tommorow" so the next day they actually go on sale (including the dress I bought, kinda mad about that lol) So I totally order the book I wanted but I fucking forgot to add the figure to my cart and so i place ANOTHER ORDER. And honestly if I just placed one big order I would have gotten free shipping and I feel ridiculous. Apparently though, it's a common problem because this was on there FAQ but they don't combine your shipping like that so boo!! Don't you just hate that? It's the worst! I hate forgetting things. I'm fairly forgetful.
*dabs* I actually did my homework! Thanks for reading.

Chapter 5 page 10 "my friends call me 'Aurora' okay?"
I had this queued for 40 minutes from now but since I'm sick in bed (I got a fever boo!! I was hoping to go to the movies before work but looks like i had to cancel both) feel free to ask me silly questions