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Sweater collector, i like to drink a gallon of tea per day, big fan if drawing. Apparently I should attempt going professional but I focus on personal projects too much.
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@Raspberry-Nunez: HIKARU HAS MOIRE FUCK I FUCKED UP!!!! oh noooos
It took me so long to do that manga panel, so damn long... I actually was gonna buy more screen toner for this scene but I couldn't find any :^/ the store doesn't seem to have it anymore. We actually do the whole comic on deleter paper so something about using deleter toner on the paper felt SOOO right!! The last panel wasn't even supposed to look like that we just thought it was funny, kinda last minute, incredibly time consuming. However, I have this whole week off so it actually got finished wednesday night. In OTHER NEWS!!! Who else is gonna watch the movie where the woman fucks the fish friday night!??! I'm so hyped!!!! I love love love Abe Sapien from hellboy and this looks pretty mcfucking promising!! Thank you all for reading!!! how do i delete other authors. my co-writer won't shut up about jimmy neutron
@Raspberry-Nunez: whoopsy daisy, I slept through class, but I still got work today~ I was very very sleepy so i guess my body just couldn't wake itself up. So so so about my life got the new animal crossing, living for it!!! And i was excited to go to the movies on my day off but turns out the movie i wanted to watch is only airing in the east coast!!? I'm so sad :^/
I'm sleepy~~!! happy december. Can't wait for my day off on saturday!!
thanks so much for reading! I just realized Prometheus's birthday passed and i totally forgot to mention it!! I think we posted that day too~~ I think that's when i was sick lol. So this week's story is that I spend way too much money on TOM (otaku mode) So I was all like "sweet the dress i've been eying is on sale" and then like "oh no only one left better place my order" so like I browse a bit like "yeah ok I'll add a few more things to my cart" so I did and I paid and shit but then like when I was going to bed I remembered like "oh shit I was gonna order a book and a figure from there" so I'm like "eh I'll do that tommorow" so the next day they actually go on sale (including the dress I bought, kinda mad about that lol) So I totally order the book I wanted but I fucking forgot to add the figure to my cart and so i place ANOTHER ORDER. And honestly if I just placed one big order I would have gotten free shipping and I feel ridiculous. Apparently though, it's a common problem because this was on there FAQ but they don't combine your shipping like that so boo!! Don't you just hate that? It's the worst! I hate forgetting things. I'm fairly forgetful.
*dabs* I actually did my homework! Thanks for reading.

Chapter 5 page 10 "my friends call me 'Aurora' okay?"
I had this queued for 40 minutes from now but since I'm sick in bed (I got a fever boo!! I was hoping to go to the movies before work but looks like i had to cancel both) feel free to ask me silly questions
Aurora vibes is leaving a guy for his better looking uncle. WE actually redid this page, it was really ugly~ We were both very busy.. I'm hoping we don't get slowed down with thanksgiving because we both work retail, I can't wait until then tho. My internet friend (who I totally .. probably.. yeah I have a crush on) is visiting me soon!!!!!!!!! *screams* I hope he smells like mints and cologne~

Speaking of smells, let's discuss the kira kira character smells, in order of the character's conception

Teru (Apollo's dad) I think he'd smell like corn chips and laundry.
Anna (Apollo's mom) I don't think she has a smell, I think only her hair smells like anything and it smells most like pomegranates
Apollo smells like, flowers and sugar but it's a subtle smell strong jasmine scent.
Amaranth (Aurora's bracelet's) smells like well, amaranth.
Lord Achilles smells like christmas trees.
Hikaru smells like cigarettes and sea water but his hair is nicely shampooed so his head smells nice.
Juan smells like oranges and a soft manly cologne.
Aurora smells like dove soap, kinda on the baby powder type of smells.
Eros smells like axe and too much of it.
Miyuki (Apollo's sister) I think she's smell almost like wet dirt and clean
Prometheus smells like metal.
Prakasa (Aurora and Hikaru's mom) smells like hair spray and make up and baby oil. she smells like she takes care of herself
Yuchun smells like expensive cologne that's hiding the scent of sweat but he generally smells clean not pungent.

Thank you for reading!
GUYS HOLY FUCK!! I HAD TO PULL AN ORDER FOR SOMEBODY (at work) LAST NIGHT AND THERE NAME WAS "PROMETHEUS" NO SURNAME, NOTHING. Too bad I didn't get to see what they looked like but I have my theories... (green hair, probably buff, magic necklace and thick eyebrows)
Yay know, Prometheus doesn't have a license, he's had it revoked so many times they banned him from the DMV. He's supposed to wear glasses but refuses to wear them because he thinks they make him look "dorky" but he doesn't know what he looks like he just assumes it would make him look like his nephew and brother. Also Prometheus IS a dork so of course he's gonna look dorky. Remember kids if you wear glasses, wear them when you drive.

thanks for reading!
hey~~~ I'm sooo sooo sooo sleepy... I really don't wanna do anything but draw but barely have the time!! Good news though, it's almost halloween and I have the day off!!!! I'm gonna like.. I don't know what I'm doing halloween yet but who cares!!! I'm gonna be Tobi from Naruto. Also I'm taking haberdashery classes and it's really neat! I gotta make a hat by thanksgiving and I hope I find the time. In other news my brother's been gone a few days with his girlfriend looking for a new place to live and my sister keeps talking about how we should "build a temple" in his room, a temple to what? Trunks Briefs, she wants to build a brick and mortar of the temple o trunks website. My mom says we can't even use it as a room so idk what she's talking about. I think my sister and I are old enough to not share a room anymore and my brother is not even gonna be here!!

anyways thanks for reading!!
yah know, I really miss Apollo. I'm actually fairly ahead on this chapter, normally I'm really behind, this one is one of my favorite chapters and I hope you all like it! My other favorite (out of the ones we've drawn so far) is the one where Aurora goes on a date. My favorite favorite chapter is a later one that's about Apollo's youth or I also really like a way way way later one about mortality and and falling in love but hey, honestly that could refer to any chapter.
My job is so time consuming omg, thank God for my co-writer for pulling threw and doing these AMAZING backgrounds. I barely just finished this up and should get to finishing up the rest. Thank you so much for reading!
gotta go to work!
I never post live omg. How exciting!!!! Today's been a weird day overall though, Did I tell y'all I found and Angelic Pretty dress (a legit one, trust me I can tell) at the goodwill for $6 dollars!?! I'm so shocked!!! I also was incredibly late to class and hopefully not late to work. See yah!
@Sue: Thank you so much!!! Sorry I didn't reply to your comment earlier, it was buried my inbox.
I'm so happy we got this done in time. I have a feeling that having more to do gives me better time management.
Hey guys I saw a movie last night and it was so bad and boring I think it melted my brain so I wasn't able to write a long winded author's comment because of it. But I'm very very excited about the upcoming chapter of my life (I got my first job!!!) and of this comic. I'm so so grateful and happy that you all have decided to spend this time with us and continue to support us, it means so much to me! I'm gonna have a very very busy schedule but don't you worry! I promise that I'll keep up with this and that we'll still make it look good. I'm planning to dedicate all my free time to my art and that mostly entails this comic. I have so many ideas and stuff, very inspired. We actually were joking about a "sequel" to this comic as it does have a definitive ending (it's supposed to be around 40 chapters) but the sequel idea is mostly unrelated and we only call it a sequel because it supposed to take place like 30 years after this and one of the characters is related to another character from here. The sequel is about an alien who is a baker, a bunch of space wizards, a bunch of alien princes, a wizard who is famous for inventing a spell that collects all the loose change in your country and brings it to you, there's a guy with a magic guitar but we both agreed the characters were cool but we can't seem to come up with much of a plot. I don't actually think we'll actually ever get to writing that especially since I like this series and characters much much more. We haven't exactly met everyone yet in Kira Kira Apollyon there's a lot of characters, honestly. On a similar note this series is actually supposed to be split into 3 "acts" the first act is supposed to be around 12 chapters (the acts are unevenly split) so that would make us almost at the half way point but chapter 3-4 ran longer than we realized so there's some wiggle room, you know sometimes you just carried away while planning. Again like always, thank you so much for reading!
Did I tell you guys I got a job!!! *dabs* I'm very very nervous! I hope it all goes well and I hope to make the time too keep writing! I'm so excited for the future. Thank you!
I wonder if y'all read this in there accents. Promo's french accent is supposed to be rather thick and Apollo's accent is also supposed to be fairly noticeable. But everyone else I think is more subtle and Hikaru is supposed to sound like Steven J. Blum meets ProZD. I know Apollo's sister hasn't spoken yet but she sounds kinda like Bayonetta. I think this is like the 2nd or second time I've rambled about there voices.