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Sweater collector, i like to drink a gallon of tea per day, big fan if drawing. Apparently I should attempt going professional but I focus on personal projects too much.
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I have to get up for work SOOO FUCKING EARLY tomorrow!!! And I really should be asleep like 2 HOURS AGO!? But here I am.. So in this past week, instead of sleeping I have been watching He Man, which in case you didn't know is actually my favorite show next to Naruto. I'm pretty tired since I had a really long shift and had to get up early and barely got home. I'm just so happy that we got a chance to post this page especially since we both were so busy this week! Thank you so much for reading!

Also Aurora's "Education" is cut off sadly, but she has a "Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering with a n emphasis on medical genetics" which idk if that's a real degree people can get
I wanna draw a full version of that photo lol... I'm scared to type too much because my laptop just made the world most concerning sound... ANYHOW! So remember how i said i did some possibility illegal driving moves at Sonic the other day... yeah i got fucking ticketed earlier this week. but i also got paid like the day before and i also ate the best curry ever the same day so I'm not too upset, i just hope it doesn't happen again... Did I tell you guys that my ex/crush (the situation is weird) looks like eros now and I AM SCREAAAAMMMIING!!! I think i said that last week but I'm not over it.. I haven't had that exciting of a week tbh, just work, work work and work. I don't hate my job, which is nice but I'd rather be drawing. I love drawing so much. I miss it. Every chance i get to draw I end up wasting it by playing animal crossing or sleeping and it really sucks, i feel so unproductive. Weirdly enough, when i work i feel less productive. Maybe because I don't actually DIRECTLY SEE the benefits of the job well done or maybe because the only job for me is drawing 7 feet tall purple girls and her pink friend... Anyways.. My laptop is still scaring me a little so I gtg! TTYL!!! oxoxox Thanks so much for reading!
YOOO!!!! I haven't gone to work in like a week lmao. It's cool tho. Let me tell u about how we where kicked outta sonic because my stupid co author wouldn't stop screaming about a certain hedgehog. We drove into sonic at a normal sonic hour (night time) and there's a line and we start ordering and then she screams "Does KNUCKLES WORK HERE!!?" and they tell us sonic is closed!!! But it closes at 1 and it was like 10:30!!?! Anyways i think I did some illegal driving moves and might get fined later but whatever. The nice thing is I've hung out with a lot of my friends lately! It was also one of my friend's birthday the other day and it was so fun!!! It was also Apollo's birthday! I hope you all celebrated!! Unfortunately same day my ex? (idk it's weird) LOOKS LIKE EROS NOW! (you might have seen me talk about it in the comments tbh) I am so shook. I hope my next boyfriend? (idk it's always weird) looks like none of my OCs!!!! Anyways thank u for reading!! I luv u!
I cant believe my ex looks like eros omg.
Also since I'm already online the gift the universe gave me on Apollos birthday is that my ex who's now my friend looks like Eros now and I'm out here screaming.
SORRY WE UPLOADED LATE! Thanks so much for ur patience!
My favorite anime is Naruto btw, yours?
I luv u Apollo. Apollo's my girl lmao.

So so about my life, I got a job! *dabs* I hate working tbh, but whatever it helps me pay for stuff.. I've been a nocturnal hermit for a few months so being out in the morning is so odd!!! I don't like it!!!! But it's a lot nicer than my last job and i get a discount on clothes lol. I"m so excited to keep drawing this arc we've been joking about ideas and bouncing around and idk if I'm more excited for the story or the outfits they're all wearing lol. Keep ur eyes peeled for Eros' next #lewk! This kinda reminded me that I realized last week that I haven't drawn our lovely protag Aurora in the comic in a while.. she wasn't planned to appear for awhile but it really has been AWHILE! I actually been drawing her hair really different in my sketches lol. I can't wait to draw her age!

Anyways thanks for readings!
*screaming* Thanks for reading!!!
We're outta of the piss room!! Also we're done with finals!!! Yay!!! Unfortunately we went to an after finals party and wasted an entire day, it was so boring. omg. made me wanna drop out and become a frog.
Guess whose middle name is whose. We're posting live! How cool!
They're in a bathroom we wanted it to look how that would smell so the whole scene is yellow. Hopefully this uploads with no problem.. my internet has been on and off lately.
I was gonna go to a karaoke bar today but the plan was canceled :^/ that's cool i guess. In other news I'm sorry about last week, I've busy working on my Japanese class final presentation. It's about fashion and I keep accidentally going shopping instead of research!!! I'm off to the craft store! Also it was my co author and i's birthday last week! Thank you for reading

Edit! 8/1/18
I just noticed theres 2 page "14" I should fix that soon
I'M SO SORRY THIS IS SO SO LATE!!!!! I was gonna post it like an hour or two later than the usual time but I've had such a fucking weird?? day!? Hopefully it's better late than never.
The page is gonna be late!! It's either gonna be posted at night time or on Saturday! I've been really behind on everything lately.. thanks so much!!!
Hello!! We almost didn't do a page this week because I was really depressed and was flooded with midterms! But somehow (I remembered this girl I hate gave up on her comic and I didn't wanna be her lololol), we did it! Tomorrow (as this comic is posted) we'll be going to the museum of Ice Cream1!!! IT's my gift to me for my birthday but everyone keeps telling me I should do something else... I'm starting to get old and boring so I'm not very interest but we might do a karaoke night or something. My co author and I share a birthday and naturally, we make our plans together and so far our guest list is a few?random?people? We started hanging out with some swedish guy who hates ikea as his main personality trait about a week a go and he's the only person coming for sure !!!! none of my close friends are being cool about it at all... I think they don't care. That's probably why i don't care but i think that if they dont come to see me or ask me about it I will be CRUSHED!!! I think friends are very important and like family but they've been so flakey this year... I'm scared that I will cut them off. I cut off people too easily and I'm fairly unattached, I prefer to be alone than in bad company. That's probably why I'm always in my room LMAO

Thank you so much for reading! And hello to our lovely new fans!!! Thank you so much u give me the will to live!!
My co author said I can't make this series about insurance, tragically lol. I actually came up with a lot for that plot idea :^/ Anyways I'm probably killing myself with the amount of sharpies I've been using for that storyboarding class i'm taking. Y'all are lucky to not be in that class because I spoiled AN ENTIRE ARC of this comic! Except the class hasn't been introduced to the main love story of the series lmao. And also my storyboards REEK of sharpies... I'm sorry for my professor.