Sweater collector, i like to drink a gallon of tea per day, big fan if drawing. Apparently I should attempt going professional but I focus on personal projects too much.
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Wahhh!!!!! I just realized it's almost finals and this losers gonna have to turn in a portfolio of pictures of Apollo, it's like she's a model lol. I also noticed that I have never once in the entirety of that class mentioned that Aurora has a brother though I did get nervous while presenting and ranted about Apollo's family and probably said like 10 times more than is currently been mentioned in the comics. I'm actually planning on this being a long running series if I were to be totally honest... I've just had a lot of time to think about everything and I wanna say what I want, I got no editor or anything so I can get away with a lot. That being said, I actually used to have the mature content up on this comic but I took it down lol, I don't know how many people got into it when it had THAT up but I don't think I'll have it back up SOON but maybe in the distant middle of the story or something so don't be surprised if one day it's just up lol. Don't worry local cool cats, if it's up it won't be because of anything weird. I feel like I've already said far too much. Thanks for waiting a whole week!
Sorry I posted this so last minute! I have finals creeping up so I've been fairly busy! Thank you everyone for your love and support! I can't believe we're over 100 pages! I thought I'd give up by chapter 2 since it took us so long but we didn't and I'm so happy! Stay tuned for more! I'm so excited because now the ball is rolling and I want you guys to see the world we've been working so hard to create.
I just realized that in the last page it's super hard to see that Yuchun smashed a glass ceiling with his grappling hook, that's what's happening in the last panel but I guess it didn't scan right... In other news, I'm fairly happy that I'm getting back on schedule!!
@Sue: thank you very much! :^3

(I actually spent my b day getting new reference pics for this comic lol)
Oh, wow did smackjeeves update?? I leave for 2 weeks and this happens? Also Sorry for not posting last week, I got overwhelmed by things and I thought I'd post in time but it just didn't happen. I wasn't home last week so I didn't really get a chance to work. I'll try to draw more pages this week, my wrist is feeling a lot better so hopefully I can draw a few pages. Usually I draw 2 or 4 per week but I got really sick because of stress and my doctor told me to cut back on some work and then I hurt my wrist so I've only been drawing 1 page per week. I think last summer I drew like 6 pages per week... Ah also feel free to wish my co author and I a happy birthday! It' on june 3rd but I cut off everyone I ever met so I'll be spending my b-day all alone..

Thank you for reading! And Thank you for your patience! I love you all so much!!!
@Sue: yay!! I'm glad you're happy to hear more about these two! Thank you for asking about my wrist, it's not at 100% get but it's A LOT better! I'll probably be completely fine by next week!
He's so hard to draw omg...
Hey!!! First of all! I'm really fucking sorry!! I sprang my wrist so there might be a slow down, thank you for being so patient and your continued support! Anyways, it's not my like dominate wrist I sprang but like I tend to use my other one to hold rulers in place and stuff so yeah, maybe I'll get my co writer to hold them for me holy shit. In other news I'm making a statue of Apollo and it looks so silly on my desk and it's for class and I'm kinda embarrassed lol. I gotta do a thing for class and I asked if I can work with my webcomic and the prof was all like "yeah" so I'm doing like character charts and reference sheets but I won't show you guys tbh because it's spoilerific. I'm kinda working on the series in 3 chunks if you will, this right now is the first chunk, what I'm doing in class is the second chunk. I might share the stuff I'm doing in class when we get there in the actual comic. BTW my class thinks Apollo is cool :^) I'm kinda proud.
I'm so excited!!!!!! This chapter has characters who haven't said much and I really like them all! Hope you have a good time!
Yay!! New Chapter! New page next week! Thank you all for reading!!!
@rolling orange: teehee hee :^3
@rolling orange: thank you! You're so sweet!!
@rolling orange: SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! (☆o☆)~
Thank you! I love your art so much! it's very cute!!

Also thank you, yes I'm also looking forward to the next chapter too!

(When did you draw that? omg you're fast!)
This was only 14 pages??? Last chapter felt SOOOO long! But this one felt so short. congrats to the happy couple, I'm sure they kissed on the mouth after this I just am bad at drawing kisses lol.

In other unrelated news, despite the fact I don't wear pants and my only shoes are reeboks , I've been feeling very professional lately. I've been so on top of my work and emailing this person and that person and this company and that company y'all can call me business Tiff. Actually don't call me Tiff, I don't really like shortenings of my name.

In OTHER OTHER unrelated news, I bought and erasable pencil that can not be scanned so now I will never forget to erase lines before uploading a page again (hopefully). I'm also currently taking a cartooning class and I'm having an incredible amount of fun, today we played with Cintiq tablets and I've always kinda eyed them but now, I need one, I'm like in love or something. I have a touch screen laptop though so it might not be INCREDIBLY useful but just cool? Ah also, I was asking about favorite characters the other day because i was thinking about maybe doing more art with them, IDK how many of you see my art outside of smackjeeves but there's not much and I'd love to do more.

Thanks so much for reading!
Thanks for commenting with your favorite!
I had a funny tangent to write here but I frankly, forgot. I did start school this week, and one of my classes got canceled so I'm only taking a cartooning class right now, it's pretty fun! Apparently our final in that class is to make a statue of one of our original characters! I don't know if anybody noticed but I love my characters and I love making them, so exciting stuff.
Comment with your favorite character!
Ah!!!! Thank you so much for your continued support!!! I noticed we have 20 fans now and i couldn't be more proud! Thank you so much! Lots of kisses *mwah*

Can you believe it? We ran out of blue paint lol, so there might be a slight delay in upcoming pages... in other news I'm a little surprised with how far we're getting on this comic, I tend to give up on things especially writing after only like 3 chapters. I hope you cool cats like it! Hey, if you're reading this little umm.. author's comment section, do me a favor and comment with you're favorite character so far! If you don't know the character's name you can give a vague description lol. I'd just really like to know!

In other other news, spring break! My spring break kicked off quite eventful but it really fizzled out though, I am going to see Puffy Ami Yumi tomorrow (in San Francisco, of course)! Throwback, right? I also bought tickets to see Pitbull! I'm super excited especially since I missed Nightwish, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Perfume AND Beyonce (and her robotic counterpart Hatsune Miku) last year! This is gonna be my year for music! My year!! Though I've been a hermit since I graduated high school a few years ago, I've been trying to get out of my shell(and house) and go out some more! I hope I see some people I know at the concert but I doubt it since like. umm, well I don't know many people lol.

Again, thank you so much for reading!
Guess my favorite ninja turtles character considering I named TWO characters after him.
I'm kinda mad it's gonna take a week for "Aurora" to finish that sentence lololol...
@rolling orange: Thank you so much! I pour my heart and soul into it! Comments keep me going so it's much appreciated! Thank you!!!

The character page was finished awhile ago and I posted a link to it somewhere but I don't remember where it is, I'll post it directly on smackjeeves after I finish this chapter, I think! :^3
I'm so happy! :^3 I didn't think I'd find the time to draw this page but somehow managed to find the time to sit down and finish drawing the chapter, but I still haven't finished the paintings!! Idk if y'all caught on but like this takes place in the future, I'm kinda bad at world building but I'm hoping it's noticeable enough.